More Control

Lion was surprised by my post yesterday. He didn’t realize how adamant I am about sharing him with anyone – even him. Why wouldn’t I be? Isn’t that the whole point of male chastity? Well, maybe not the whole point, but one of the major points. He shouldn’t be able to touch himself. No one else should be able to either. And he was surprised a while ago when I said I considered him masturbating to be the same as cheating with another woman (or man, for that matter, although Lion doesn’t swing that way). Why wouldn’t I? Cheating is cheating.

On one hand, I think Lion is worried I’m that controlling. Maybe it’s just difficult for him to get his mind wrapped around it. On the other hand, he’s very happy. My reactions may not be something he’s anticipated, but I think they’re welcome. He said yesterday that he doesn’t want to regain the control he’s lost. And, I think, he wants me to be more controlling.

We took a survey the other night that dealt with BDSM. It wasn’t very helpful. It only showed us the things that he said “Yes!” to and the I said “if my partner wants to do it”. I guess it was designed to open a dialog. It didn’t. I think it would have been more helpful if it highlighted the things Lion wanted but I thought were out. Like using him as a piece of furniture, for example. What if Lion said “Yes!” and I said no because I think that’s too weird or because I thought we were in agreement that that’s too weird? We would never know, based on the survey. Of course, that’s just an example. I assume if we both said no it also would not have shown up in the results. Lion said the point was not to make either of us feel uncomfortable. I suppose. But at least that would have opened a dialog. “I want to try this.” “Are you insane?” “Nope. It looks like fun.” “It’s too weird.” See? Not necessarily a constructive dialog, but a dialog nonetheless.

Actually, our conversations are less judgmental than that. Lion usually suggests something and I’ve learned not to react to the first thing that jumps into my mind. I ask questions because I know he’s done his homework on the subject. He gives me a while to get my head wrapped around it. Then I ask more questions if I need to. And we decide if we can make it work. It either works or we tinker with it or we decide it’s not something we want to pursue.

At any rate, I need to figure out how to take more control. Clearly Lion wants it. 2.0 is willing.


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    My wife and I are dabbling in FLM, I am excited to try forced male chastity for long periods but my wife who likes the control and doesn’t like to control (to much work and to tired) during the week and every second weekend I work (overnight truck driver), so she doesn’t want to play on those weekends so that obviously leaves the other weekend and a lot of the time she isn’t in the mood, so my question to you Mrs Lion is how can we fix this, is there a mindset or some easy way to play for her, I’ve been thinking about how to get her to lock me up as you and mr Lion do, (locked until she wants to use it then lock it back up) any suggestions on how I approch her with it


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    “… Lion is worried I’m that controlling”
    – I thought controlling was the point.

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      Mrs. Lion was referring specifically to me worrying that it is so controlling to be as concerned as she is about me touching myself. The conclusion was that it is perfectly fine for her to be that way.

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