I Don’t Share

I was not feeling well last night so we didn’t play. I have no idea if Lion was horny or not. I was in no shape to even ask. Eventually he asked if I wanted him to put on his ring so I could lock him up. I didn’t. He asked if I was giving him a vacation. I’m hoping I will feel better tonight so we can play. Why lock him up just to unlock him again? I suppose that’s true of every other night that I play with him, but I was just not in 2.0 mode last night. Besides, he took good care of me while I was yucky.

I’m a little annoyed that I needed the break after the re-emergence of 2.0. She should have had Lion’s balls in clothespins or Velcro wrapped around him. Even if it was “just” edging, she should have been doing something. I know life intrudes and all that, but Lion needs consistency. One night won’t necessarily be a problem, I know. So I’ve got to get back up on the horse, so to speak. Tonight, no matter what I feel like, we’re playing. 2.0 has spoken.

For now, Lion is a wild boy. When I gave him a kiss goodbye this morning I grabbed his wild weenie. He jumped. Yesterday he said he kept forgetting he didn’t have his cage on. He’d reach down to adjust and there was nothing to adjust. And I assume he had similar issues when peeing. He’s so used to sitting down, he forgets he can stand when he’s wild. That’s good. He should be conditioned this way. I don’t care if he pees standing or sitting, but he should have the caged mentality all the time. No playing with Mr. Weenie or anyone else for that matter. He’s mine and, while I share a lot of things, I don’t share Mr. Weenie with anyone. Not even Lion.