My Spanking Study

Lion’s I-didn’t-get-what-I-want pouty face

Let me start out by saying I found this on Facebook so take it with a grain of salt. I read an article about a 50 year study on spanking. On children, of course, but it was interesting anyway. Basically what they found is that they have no idea if spanking is good or bad. Some people theorized that it encouraged aggressive behavior, but conceded that the children who were spanked might already have been predisposed to aggressive behavior whether they were spanked or not. And what about children who were spanked and turned out OK? Did they overcome the horrors of spanking to become model citizens? No one knows. I’m sure there are equal numbers of children who were not spanked who turned out to be criminals. So after 50 years of studying, no one has any idea if spanking works or not. No one has any idea if it does harm or not. Way to spend money on a worthless study!

What does this have to do with FLR and domestic discipline? Absolutely nothing. Lion supposes he wants discipline now because he never had attention as a child. I don’t remember being spanked as a child. I’ve heard stories about it. My sister (seven years older than me) insists it was my idea to hide the wooden spoon when I was around four. Why would it be my idea? Methinks it might have been at a certain eleven-year-old’s urging if I, in fact, was the one who hid it.

The reason the article interested me is because it got me thinking about spanking Lion. Does it do him any harm? I doubt, at this point in his life, that he would turn into a criminal because I spank him. Does it do him any good? I think it might. He’s the one who wants the discipline. He wants to know what he’s doing wrong. What two-year-old can say that? Yes, I know. I call Lion a toddler from time to time. But that’s more of a I-didn’t-get-my-way-so-I’m-putting-on-my-pouty-face sort of thing.

Lion wants discipline for at least two reasons. Number one is his fantasy of having someone control him. Naturally the reality isn’t as hot as the fantasy. 2.0 hits hard! Number two is his desire to change his behavior. He wants to be a better person. For me. Ironically, it was me who had to change into 2.0 in order for him to start changing, but that’s a story for another time. So my theory, and I am full of theories, is that spanking is good for Lion. Granted, it’s a one-subject study, done for less than a year, but I think the logic is sound. And how much money did I spend on it? The cost of a few paddles which weren’t really necessary since we have a ton of other paddles.

Thank you. My study will be published, well, here. It was just published here. Just now. This is my study.


  1. Author

    Ahhh…2.0. Spanking certainly hurts as intended. Without pain, lesson is mute and just a BDSM fantsy.
    Pain offers correction.

    1. Author

      Never fear. Both 1.0 and 2.0 make sure it hurts enough to make me cry out. You underestimate your knowledge and imagination.

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