Shit Happens

Lion is sort of a creature of habit. At the very least, he wants things to go the way he wants things to go. I’ve had enough disappointments to know that sometimes shit happens. A concert is cancelled. A car breaks down. Dinner is late. Something that should have taken an hour stretches to three. Lion has gotten used to playing pretty much every night. Nevermind the fact that the night after an orgasm is typically a no play night.

Last night I had plans in the evening. The original plan was to eat dinner first and then I’d leave. Lion decided to come with me. And then we decided we’d eat after we met up with a friend. Somehow I got the meeting place wrong and we wasted about an hour waiting before we realized what happened. Then we had to travel another twenty minutes to get to the correct spot. Now it was getting late. Lion was hungry and cranky. He had planned to get to the destination, spend an hour eating, and we’d be home well before 10 so we could do “whatever else we had planned.” I know it was Sunday and a “school night”, but I don’t often go out so what’s the big deal. Yes, we would potentially be more tired than if we had stayed home. He wasn’t sold on the idea of my going out anyway.

2.0 stepped in to tell him that his whining about being hungry and it getting late was the reason she didn’t think it was such a good idea for him to come in the first place. Before we even left I was considering putting a few pennies in my pocket just in case. I should have. In retrospect, he should have earned a penny for his grumblings. Yes, I got the meeting place wrong. Yes, there was a delay in realizing we were at the wrong spot. Yes, it was getting late. Yes, we were getting hungry. Put on your big boy pants and deal with it.

So we wound up leaving at the time we thought we’d be home. We didn’t have a chance to play. Whether we would have or not, I don’t know. We had a little more trouble getting to sleep because we didn’t have our normal hours to wind down. Am I glad I went? You bet! I need to do more things with friends, with or without Lion. And he needs to let me.

[Lion – I was hungry and grumpy. The friend was an hour late and then after she finally told us she was ready to meet, we found the hotel was wrong. I was grumbling about that. I expect people to meet me at the agreed time or at least let me know if they will be late. Neither happened. Still, I should have been a better sport. Mrs. Lion and I have very different ideas about how friends should respect us. I consider being late without letting us know, disrespectful. I do deserve the spanking I will get tonight and I will try to be more laid back in the future.]