Fifty Times A Week

Enforced chastity is a quirky corner in the world of kink. Most people never heard of it. Even in the world of BDSM it’s unknown. Surprisingly, most of the people who buy chastity devices have no idea that there are some people who wear them all the time. The typical purchaser buys it for hot, occasional play with never a thought about being locked in a device all the time. Those of us who somehow wandered into this corner of kink have the Internet to thank for any information we happened to glean on this subject.

Mrs. Lion and I learned about the hardware on the Web. We, mostly I, spent hours and hours reading what others have written about how this hardware is used. We (me) also got ideas on how people use this hardware to support a full-time practice of lockup and orgasm control. Like most, we used some of what we read and invented the rest.

Probably the most unbelievable part of this practice to outsiders is the fact that men who are in enforced chastity have so few orgasms, not to mention only have them when their keyholder wants. “How can you let yourself get into that situation?” is a frequent question. That question is generally asked in the context of reduced orgasms.

Most guys have sex of some sort about three times a week. Sex to them is being stimulated to ejaculation either with a partner or alone. My average is once every couple of weeks and always with my partner and keyholder. Ahh. You have sex once for every six times the typical male does. That’s only 16% of the average. That’s crazy!

Wrong. I have sex on average of 50 times a week. Almost every night Mrs. Lion stimulates me to the very edge of ejaculation over and over. She gets me to the point every fiber in my being wants her to keep going so I can ejaculate; but she doesn’t. I figure that she gets me over 90% of the way to ejaculation and orgasm. “How terrible,” you’re thinking. Poor, frustrated lion. If you’re a glass-half-full sort of person, that’s true. But if you are a glass-90%-full guy like me, you’re thinking, “Wow! He gets 90% of the way to an orgasm fifty times every week. That’s amazing.”

It’s true that when Mrs. Lion finishes a session, I am left weak, sweaty, and panting for more. Isn’t that how you are supposed to feel after good sex? The hard part is that after all that edging I am more desperate for sex than when she started. It’s also true that it doesn’t feel very good when she suddenly stops just before I reach the peak. That’s why it is called orgasm control.

If you define sex in terms of orgasm count, then yes, I get only 1/6th the orgasms of the average guy. I’m usually tree-humping horny, dreaming of the next chance I get to ejaculate. I’m frustrated and desperate for an orgasm. But am I grumpy and feeling deprived? No. I’m hopeful and looking forward to the next session which will undoubtedly end with me begging for release.

I’m actually very lucky. Each and every week I get at lest fifty chances to almost experience an orgasm. The fact that I didn’t get to go over the top leaves me ready to do it again and again without pause. Some say this is the male equivalent of female multiple orgasms. I must like it. I always cone back for more. No matter how frustrated I know it will leave me, I look forward to those trips just below the peak. It’s a good thing. 2.0 has made it clear that this is how my life will continue to go. I’m very happy to learn that. I’m having a very good time. I feel sorry for those poor guys who only have sex three times a week.


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    Totally agree with this. What joy we have found in placing the control of when or if I will get to orgasm in my wife’s hands. I am always so grateful when she allows me to orgasm, or not.

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    Hi thanks for all the useful and interesting info you provide with your blog’s. I am fairly new to inforced chastity and find alot of what you say invaluable, as does my master again thank you Mr and Mrs lion from us both. Yours Trefor Morgan.

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    I still don’t know how you do it. As an “experiment” many years ago, I tried going two weeks without an orgasm. The purpose was to see if I could have a wet dream, because I’d only had a couple, and they were massively fun. At the end of those two weeks, I was beyond “grumpy”. I was homicidal. That was the last time I entertained that thought.

    Now, I was single, and I get that there are benefits to your relationship, etc. However, I was out of my mind during that experiment.

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      We found that working up to longer waits is best. In the beginning I got several orgasms a week. Gradually the waits increased. After a few months, I could wait three weeks without losing interest. It takes time to change a habit.

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    @mrbill: You’ve described my feelings exactly!

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