My Own Worst Enemy

We don’t have the same schedule on weekends that we have on weekdays. We sleep later, we don’t have our coffee break, and we usually don’t eat lunch. A few weeks ago, we stopped eating lunch on weekdays too. I don’t know if it’s because we’re tired of the Nutrisystem lunches, or if we really aren’t hungry. The problem is that by not eating, we are very hungry much earlier than our normal dinner time. Sometimes we have a snack of carrots. Sometimes we just tough it out.

On Friday, we went to the casino. We hadn’t eaten lunch and I told Lion we’d have to eat soon because I was hungry. He said it was early. Yes. Yes, it was. So? This annoyed me because when he’s hungry, he’ll tell me he’s hungry again and again until I make dinner. When he gets in “casino zone,” he doesn’t care about time. We wound up eating much later than normal. Then we got home and stayed up much later than normal. Then we slept much later than normal. It’s a whole domino effect.

When we were on the way home, he said something that reminded me he’d pooh-poohed my hunger. I asked him why my being hungry wasn’t as big an issue as his being hungry. He didn’t realize he’d said it was too early and I should have said something at the time. Next time I’ll tell him I’m hungry like he tells me he’s hungry.

Anyway, believe it or not, that’s not what I wanted to write about when I started this post. Since we don’t eat lunch much anymore, I make Lion iced tea and put it on his desk. He doesn’t have a lot of room on his desk, so I swap out his coffee cup for the iced tea. So what’s the problem? I made the rule a few weeks ago that he is responsible for making sure his coffee cup is in the kitchen. How can I catch him not doing it when I’m doing it? It’s pretty stupid of me. I’m just trying to be nice and keep his desk clean.

I was also wondering last night where his shock collar is. Maybe he needs to be wearing it again while he’s in his office and I’m working. It also occurred to me that I have let my inbox get out of hand and one way to reverse that trend might be our daily emails. Sure, we can just yell at each other through the wall, but that’s sort of annoying.

To recap: I’m hungry when I’m hungry. Lion should take care of his own coffee cup. He should be wearing his shock collar. And we need to do emails again. I don’t think any one of those things will cure his ED, but it might help the situation.

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