Too Hot to Handle

We both learned things yesterday. Lion learned not to assume something is too weak and I learned that proving a point is not always worth it.

I told Lion I was going to use menthol on his balls last night. I tied him to the bed and brought out the menthol he thought wasn’t strong enough. After I paid a little attention to Mr. Weenie, I proceeded to slather on the “weak” menthol. Very shortly it became apparent that it was not weak at all. I had to untie Lion so he could wash it off. So much for his theory of 1.5% menthol being weak. So much, too, for my theory of Lion not being able to handle the weak menthol. Turns out we were both wrong. Fools rush in and all that.

Our theories range from he was not turned on enough to I put too much on at once to he was sensitive from the manscaping I had done earlier in the day. Live and learn.

Once he was done washing off and his balls returned to semi-normal, we tried again. I tied him back up and edged him. I was torn between wanting to give him an orgasm and wanting him to wait. I wanted to wait since burning his balls is not the best foreplay for an orgasm. I wanted to wait because I had a different plan on how he would have his orgasm. In the end, I gave him an orgasm because he was ready for it. Not that I didn’t think he could wait. Not because I felt bad for burning his balls. (I did, but that’s not why I gave it to him.) I just felt it was time.

Almost immediately he said he’d have an awfully long wait since he was only going to have two orgasms in April. Again with that? I asked him who said that. He had read it in my post. Black and white. There it was. What I said was that there was a trend for only two in April. There’s a trend for none in June. I don’t think he’d like that too much. The only thing I said was certain was that I was not going to buck the trend for March. There were only two days left in March at the time and since the earliest day he could possibly have an orgasm, according to the schedule, was the 30th, I wasn’t going to give him one at least until April 1. I may tease him about not giving him an orgasm for a month or a year, but we both like his orgasms too much to follow through with it.

Right now, the schedule says April 10 is his next date. Of course, that’s only the date that an orgasm becomes possible. It is not necessarily the date he will have one. This time he had to wait three days beyond his scheduled date. I wonder how long 2.0 will make him wait this time.