5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Lion told me some interesting stats yesterday. He had five orgasms in January, four in February, and three so far in March. If he follows this trend he’ll only have two in April, one in May, and then, oh sorry, Lion, none in June. Does that mean he’d start to go negative in July? How do I take back an orgasm? I bet 3.0 would be able to figure that out, but she isn’t here yet.

Luckily, 2.0 has Lion orgasms scheduled for June. Not July though. She just hasn’t gotten that far. I’m sure there will be at least two in any given month. I actually can’t believe Lion has only has three in March. While that may seem like a lot in some other chastity relationships, Lion’s average is usually higher. We aren’t concerned with long waits. Our focus is how horny Lion is and when 2.0 wants to take an orgasm from him. A scheduled date is merely a guide. When 2.0 wants him to orgasm, she makes him. When she wants to torture him and make him wait, he waits.

Yesterday was Lion’s scheduled date. Recently we changed from the scheduled date meaning a definite orgasm to the earliest date he could have an orgasm. Of course, 2.0 can do whatever she wants. Lion wasn’t going to have an orgasm last night regardless of any stats. Now he certainly won’t have one tonight. I can’t ruin the trend right now. That would be silly. Besides, 2.0 was going to make him wait a few days beyond the scheduled date anyway. Why? Because she’s a mean bitch and, despite his objections, Lion wants to wait for an orgasm too.

It is getting increasingly difficult for him to wait though. Last night he was humping my hand and getting very close. Very close. It’s fun to watch him work so hard at it. When I was done with him I actually told him I was done with him and he should put his ring back on when he had calmed down. I’ve threatened him with ice cubes as a means of softening him up more quickly. Given how hard and excited he’s been lately, I may have to follow through with that threat. Part of him, and I know exactly what part, would hate that. Another part of him would love it.

[Lion — I’ve stayed very horny for two weeks the one time we had that long of a wait this year. I think more than an orgasm a week is a bit much. Twice a month might frustrate the hell out of me but is certainly not going to make me lose interest during my wait. I’ve never waited an entire month, so I have no idea how that would feel. I’m not sure I want to find out. Of course 2.0 will do exactly as she pleases. What I want or can take has nothing to do with her decisions.]