Changing Things Up

Lion was cooking dinner yesterday. It was one of those things he could set and forget, but still had to check on from time to time. I decided to throw him a curve ball. I presented him with a choice – butt plug or pretty toenails. He said it was no contest. He chose the butt plug. I thought he might choose the pretty toenails since he had to keep an eye on dinner. I thought it would be the least distracting of the two. He said the butt plug had a shorter time frame. Ah yes, but he could ignore the pink toenails. I couldn’t talk him into the toenails. Of course, it doesn’t matter anyway. If I want him to have pink toenails, he’ll have pink toenails. It’s always nice to give him a choice and understand his reasoning though.

I knew he wouldn’t have to contend with the butt plug for long anyway because I really didn’t want Lion being uncomfortable while he was in the final stages of dinner prep. Too many things going on and he has to deal with holding onto the butt plug. Nope. I left it in for about 45 minutes and relieved him of it. I said it proved a point anyway. He wondered what the point was. That I can shove the butt plug in anytime I want. Of course I always can, but this was an unusual time of day. It was out of the blue. It was 2.0 mischief. It was, “Can you take the garbage out? And oh, by the way, here’s the butt plug.” Just normal conversation and then 2.0 pulls something out of thin air to keep him guessing.

The rest of the night was more predictable. I unlocked Lion and edged him over and over again. No ruined orgasm as I had feared. But he was panting and oozing by the time I was done. I really do know how to get his motor running. And then stall it. I wondered if he’d be horny enough for an orgasm by the 30th. He says he doesn’t think he will be. Time will tell. 2.0 can be very persuasive.