Don’t Touch

One of the very first rules I was given was that I was not allowed to masturbate. Obviously, almost all of the time that is impossible. I’m locked in my chastity device almost all of the time. In the past, I was allowed to go wild for a few days at a time in the summer when we traveled in our camper. When home, I’m only wild when Mrs. Lion wants access. Sometimes she leaves me uncaged for a while after play and allows me to shower without my cage.

She always makes it very clear that a shower with no cage is not an invitation to jerk off. I get it. I can, however, clean up down there which includes some hand-to-penis contact. It feels good rub soap over my cock and balls. Sometimes I wash very carefully and I get hard. I’m never in any danger of a self-induced orgasm, but I admit the cleaning feels very good.

A couple of weeks ago after my shower, I asked Mrs. Lion to amplify her interpretation of the no touching rule. I wondered if my nearly-accidental erection was a violation. I didn’t tell her why I was asking, just an innocent inquiry. She said that sexual touching is not allowed. OK, careful cleaning isn’t sexual touching, is it?

Jerking off isn’t the issue. But then I started to think about spirit of the law. I realized that I enjoy those showers when my cage is off. I like the unfettered opportunity to soap and rinse. I also like those times after Mrs. Lion finishes and allows me to remain wild. I get nice sensations from anything that happens to touch my penis. That’s not surprising since she just finished edging me several times. My sexual sensitivity is heightened.

I know this can seem like small stuff to you. But remember I’m in my third year of virtually no penis access. So a chance to soap up and rinse or even feel the sheets against my penis is quite exciting to me. Should I be allowed even those small, sexy contacts? Clearly they are unauthorized and if I am allowed to be uncaged without close supervision, pretty much impossible to prevent. Of course, if I am caged immediately after play and not allowed any showers while wild, much touching would be prevented.

Mrs. Lion has me take off and put on the base ring of my chastity device. That is authorized touching. Maybe my hands belong away from my penis at all times. I wonder what it would be like if I had no physical contact of any kind with it. Would it heighten my hunger for sexual contact? Would it affect me emotionally? Would I learn to avoid any contact with my penis even when uncaged?

Since the last time I masturbated was in 2014, I don’t even think about that as something I could do even if wild. I wonder if extended inability to have any contact with my penis would condition me to avoid even non-sexual contact.

For this to happen, Mrs. Lion would have to remove and replace the base ring of my cage. She would also have to do any uncaged penis-washing and closely supervise me if allowed to bathe without the device. This would be a little more trouble for her. Is it worth doing? I don’t know. It’s just one of those things I sometimes think about. Thoughts like this tend to get me into trouble.