Quiet Sunday

Lion was not horny last night. He said he ate too much and his stomach was battling itself. 2.0 didn’t care. She put easy clothespins on his boobies and balls. They caused Lion a lot of pain. More so than normal. 2.0 took pity on him and took off the booby clothespins. After a while we decided that playing wasn’t having much effect since Lion was too full to enjoy himself. So we snuggled.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with snuggling instead of playing. We can’t play all the time. If one of us isn’t feeling well, we take a break. 2.0 can power through most things, but if Lion isn’t feeling well, there’s no way around it. Plus, we enjoy snuggling. Any time together is nice, but snuggling is better. The only one who doesn’t enjoy it is the jealous dog who has decided that Lion is hers and gives me dirty looks occasionally when I’m too close to him.

I did tell Lion he wouldn’t be getting an orgasm any time soon if he’s this uninterested in play the day after. Of course, he was dealing with tummy issues so it wasn’t his fault. Except that he ate too much. Oh well. 2.0 is understanding. Sometimes. She didn’t hold anything against him but herself. If it becomes a habit, she might dole out some punishment.

Lion didn’t necessarily have the fun weekend he might have anticipated. He didn’t have any sling time. No menthol rub or nasty clothespins. No figging or anal play. All he got was an orgasm. (Which is a big win for him.) On the other hand, he didn’t wear diapers or panties. His toenails remained Lion color. He only had to deal with the shock collar and if I could have figured out how to do Morse code on it, he might not have had so much trouble finding me. Instead, he got a single zap to let him know he was close.

I’d still classify it as a good weekend. An orgasm trumps all other play or non-play. I think Lion can agree with that. [Lion — Absolutely!]

What do you think?