2.0 Lies

You read it here. 2.0 said Lion would not get his scheduled orgasm yesterday. Did she lie? Or, as when Lion asked why he got his orgasm, does she just like to keep him on his toes?

In all fairness, I was going to make him wait an extra day. Just one. It was, after all, the first time he’d have to wait beyond his scheduled date. Maybe 1.0 snuck into the picture. Maybe 2.0 decided that making Lion think he had to wait was enough. Maybe 2.0 was having so much fun with the Magic Wand she wanted to keep going.

Whatever the reason, Lion had an amazing orgasm and went to sleep a very happy boy. Not that he wouldn’t have been happy just to be played with, but he loves an orgasm.

I fully expect Lion to be horny today and ready for whatever 2.0 has in mind for him. True, he won’t be desperate for an orgasm, but it turns out that as much as 2.0 loves an incredibly horny Lion, she doesn’t care if he’s horny enough to withstand the discomfort of menthol rub or nasty clothes pins. She just expects him to take it. And that’s the way it should be.

Lion’s next scheduled date is the 29th. He said it was a special date that doesn’t happen often. I told him it would be interesting if he only had an orgasm on leap days. Understandably, he didn’t like that idea. I was only teasing him. 2.0 still likes to give him orgasms even if she is more inclined to torture him. After all, our version of chastity is not necessarily about long waits.


  1. Author

    I’m happy that you folks haven’t fallen into the trap of ever-increasing times between orgasms. I definitely understand the erotic thrill it brings, but I’m not sure that it actually does anything to further the relationship itself – depending upon the type of relationship, I guess.

    The longest I’ve gone was six weeks, and that was my wife “helping” me to get a long-procrastinated project completed. It actually probably hindered more than helped, as my mind would wander very frequently. (You know that oft-quoted “men think about sex on average 7 times per minute” “statistic”? It was probably on the low side for me by then.) Generally, I’m denied for between one to three weeks, so I average one or two orgasms a month.

    The point that I’ve been trying to get my wife to understand, and that finally seems to be sinking in, is that the goal isn’t for her to try to beat some mythical record or personal best; rather, it’s that she unlock me so we can have intercourse *when she feels like it*. (She’s got a couple of black belts, so she sometimes tends to be quite competitive…)

    I’ll be ready (most definitely!) whenever she wants, but if she doesn’t feel like penetrative sex, that’s OK – maybe a back-rub would be better. She’s getting rather accustomed to her wake-up oral sex, with a nice doze afterwards – nothing for me, though. That’s quite all right with me; making her feel that good makes me feel wonderful, too.

    And when she does want traditional sex, it’s because she’s feeling close, and wants to express that and feel even closer. Those times make me almost tearful with happiness, and I’d hate to think that she was feeling less that way over time, if the denial intervals got consistently longer.

    1. Author

      Has she seen your comment here? It seems to me that you have found a really good place. I’m curious what her perspective is.

  2. Author

    I gave my wife control–as such she can change her mind at any time. So I imagine that is true for all in an FLR… Lion merely benefited this time. There’ll be other times when he won’t be so lucky…

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