Orgasm Dates

Lion first asked me how I was feeling last night and then proudly presented his coupon for an orgasm of his choice. When I asked what his choice was he said he would leave that up to me. He didn’t care. He just wanted an orgasm. Badly.

I told him that would push his new date out to February 5. He suggested that I consider changing it to the next scheduled date instead. I had never thought of that. But then I discovered that it was possible that restarting the clock might make him wait longer than just going to the next scheduled date. Consider this scenario: Last orgasm date January 1. Scheduled orgasm January 15. Next scheduled orgasm January 20. If he uses the orgasm coupon on January 8, a reset of the clock would put his new date at January 23. With the next scheduled date being January 20 he would be waiting longer with the reset. Very interesting.

Lion immediately decided that I should use whatever method makes him wait the longest. He decided? Well, yes, he did decide that. I, however, decided that I would choose whatever method I wanted to use when the need arises. I like to keep my options open. He likes to pretend he’s in charge sometimes. Silly boy.

His new date, with the clock reset, is February 5. He doesn’t know what his next date is so he has no idea how lucky or unlucky he is right now. I do. But I’m not telling. I suppose I could tease him by telling him if he got a good deal or not in each case. We’ll see. It’s a new idea so I’m sure there will be some tweaks to it.

For now, he’s a satisfied Lion who is probably horny again by now. Poor thing.