Make Me

I’m writing this Saturday night just after dinner. It’s clear that I won’t be having an orgasm today. Mrs. Lion hinted that there might be some lion action tonight. If there is, Mrs. Lion will let you know in her post later today.

She appears to be surprised that I am hornier now that Lioness 2.0 is in town. Her post yesterday had a bit of a jealous note. I have to say that 2.0 is a nice improvement over 1.0, at least in the enforced chastity, FLR department. Otherwise, she is the wonderful lioness I fell in love with all those years ago.

I think she expected me to hate the much stricter 2.0. I’m not sure what she thought would happen, but it wasn’t that I would get much more interested in sex. I didn’t expect such a strong response either. That’s not entirely correct. I figured correctly that I would get excited anticipating the tougher time 2.0 promised me. Then, after experiencing the much increased discomfort, I figured that I would be sorry. 2.0 appeared.

That didn’t happen. The pain and additional loss of control isn’t fun. But it does meet some inner needs. I’ve been thinking about this. My fantasies have always included me being “forced” to do things; being tied up, spanked, etc. They’ve always been about control being taken from me, or more correctly, as discipline being used as a way to secure my cooperation. So, my increased libido isn’t surprising at all. I’m living my fantasies.

I think that a lot of people end up regretting having their dreams cone true. Literature, music, and art are full of people having wishes granted only to discover that those dreams turn out to be nightmares when they come true. This could be why so many people give up enforced chastity early on.

While Mrs. Lion is puzzled about my strong, positive reaction to 2.0, I’m equally puzzled why she changed in such a dramatic way. I had hoped that over time she would become stricter and less interested in pleasing me. That didn’t happen, until a few weeks ago. Then, in a magical transformation, lioness 1.0 was replaced.

The change has been sudden, but not instant. 2.0 has been rapidly evolving as she gains confidence. I’m feeling the intensity growing. So far, each new change as turned me on more. Sooner or later, my bet is sooner, 2.0 will move me out of my comfort zone. This is already happening with spankings. I’m very ready for her to stop way before she decides I have had enough.

I think that my sure knowledge that I no longer can stop, or for that matter, start things, is a major source of my increased arousal. My fantasies are all about that. As my leash is shortened, it will be less about those control fantasies and more about working hard to be obedient and patient so I can avoid punishments that are far over the line of what I want.

Is her metamorphosis the result of discovering the secret ingredient in my fantasies and deciding to see what happens if she adds more of the ingredient? Perhaps. She isn’t saying. I have no idea. I do wonder what’s next  I know that Mrs. Lion isn’t one to do long-term planning. So 2.0 might be as surprising to Mrs. Lion as it is to me. You’ll find out as soon as I.