Valentine’s Day Red

Lion survived his frilly panties, although he did ask if he could take them off early. I told him he could remove them when he was ready for bed. Then I said, by that criteria, he was probably ready for bed right after he put them on.

The interesting thing about the panties is that, since Lion was cage-free, I could rub him right through the material. I could get him nice and hard and I didn’t have to remove them. He kept hinting that he loved my touch skin on skin and occasionally I’d put my hand inside the panties, but for the most part I rubbed him through the satiny fabric. This morning I remarked that he was pantie-free and he said, “Thank god.” Of course, I could have told him to put on a diaper today. He countered that he would have been all pee smelly when we play. And then I would have had him wash off before we play. Lion thinks I have an answer for everything. Sometimes I do. He keeps me on my toes, so I have to keep him on his.

Today, for Valentine’s day, I thought about giving him a red butt. He says that’s not the only thing I’ll make red. True. He’ll probably have red balls whether from menthol or clothespins. But if I tell him what I have planned it will take some of the fun out of it. I always like to have a surprise for him. Last week he had no idea I had the nail polish until he was all locked up in the sling. When I get ready to do a play spanking, I usually grab a lot paddles. I’m not sure which one I want to use and it makes him worry that I’ll use them all. So I may bring ginger and butt plugs and menthol rub and clothespins out, but which one am I going to use? In the case of the clothespins and menthol, he probably won’t get both. Unless they are the easy clothespins that don’t make marks. Putting menthol on a sore spot would be too evil even for 2.0.

The only thing for sure is that Lion will be a happy boy. If not from playing, then from his orgasm that’s scheduled for today. It’s the last one he can truly expect to get on the scheduled date. From now on, the date is just a suggestion. A “sell by” date, if you will.

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    With regards to a scheduled orgasm date… The agreement (if you can call it that – it’s really not formal at all) that my wife and I have about my chastity is that it’s up to her. This means that, if she feels like fucking, and would like a nice fleshy penetration (as opposed to the RodeoH strap-on we sometimes use), then I get unlocked and we have sex. Otherwise I stay locked, and if she feels like it, I go down on her (not that I would *ever* complain about that!), or perhaps I give her a long back rub, or maybe we watch some TV. The point is, my release depends upon her whim, and is not tied in any way to a calendar date. (I didn’t even get unlocked on my birthday last year.)

    It seems to me that you’ve introduced some of this variability by making your calendar an “earliest possible” release date, but maybe the calendar is completely immaterial. If you feel like letting (or making) him cum on any particular date or time, then fine. If you don’t, that’s fine too.

    On another topic, you (I’m addressing Mrs. Lion here) might find that, even if not feeling any motivation to be sexual yourself, you may find that your feelings change after having Mr. Lion service you for a while. I’m quite sure that you could ask him for anything, such as to go down on you (or other service) at any time for as long as you’d like, and that he would totally love it! Perhaps some of your sidelined libido would be awakened after being exercised a bit. In any case, I’m sure it wouldn’t be that much of a sacrifice, and after being serviced for a while, I bet you’d really grow to enjoy it. I *know* that Mr. Lion would.

    Just sayin’…

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