Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

Saturday morning and into the afternoon were spent running errands. As she mentioned in her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion ordered me an iPad Air 2. She had planned on taking me to Costco and zapping me with the shock collar if I objected to the purchase. However, on Friday night she found the iPad at a better price online. So I went to Costco shock-collar free. However, that didn’t keep me out of trouble. At Costco I interrupted Mrs. Lion. She took a penny out of her pocket and told me it was going in my lion bank. We had lunch at Burger King and I got a bit of ketchup on my sleeve. Another penny announcement from the lioness. When I asked what the pennies meant in terms of my bottom, she said that she hadn’t decided. Whatever her decision, I know I won’t like the outcome.

I am writing this late on Saturday afternoon. So far there has been no indication of when or if we will play. In anticipation of the anal training I am going to get, I ordered some Fleet® enemas from Amazon. They aren’t for play. We discovered that a good clean out makes anal activity much more comfortable for me and neater for Mrs. Lion. Years ago, we learned this little trick when we were doing a lot of anal play. It’s not uncomfortable for me and does improve the experience, particularly if pegging with a longer dildo is involved.

While we were at the grocery store I asked if we could look over the selection of heat rubs. Mrs. Lion had bought a gel to use on my balls that contained 3-percent menthol. That number seemed low to me and I wanted to see if I was correct. It turns out I was. The average rub, like Ben Gay®, contained at least 7 percent. I found a bottle of Flexall® maximum strength that contains 16 percent menthol. I put it in our shopping basket. Before you start saying I am stupid for making things worse for myself, bear in mind that I truly want to give Lioness 2.0 the best tools she can have. The purpose of the rub is to make my balls feel like they are on fire. Yes, the 3 percent rub would have really heated me up, but wouldn’t provide her the ability to really make me suffer if she wants. I want her to have that control.  And yes, I will regret putting that chemical blow torch into her hands. But, like spanking, I will hate it when she does it, and I will be very happy she is willing to do it after the burn wears off.

I created a new section on this site for Sensation Play. The first article, Hot Stuff, is there now. It is the kind of information I gave Mrs. Lion. I think it only fair that she has all the information she needs to make the decisions about how she wants to play with me. I will be adding more sections from time to time.

So here I am late Saturday afternoon waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have the shock collar on, Mrs. Lion told me to allow me to see how well my latest fit adjustment works. It works well. The contacts are firmly touching under my balls. I think the remote is in our bedroom and she is down in her office, so I am safe from that for now. I haven’t been asked to apply the enema yet. I have no idea what or when she plans to go into action. The weekend isn’t even half over yet. That shoe will fall. I’m sure of that.

The First Shoe Dropped
[Saturday 11PM] This evening after dinner and my shower, Mrs. Lion took off my cage and told me to roll over on my stomach. She then took some peppermint oil and used it to lube a butt plug and began inserting it where the sun doesn’t shine. She didn’t put it in far. I could feel warmth from the plug. She then decided to use a finger instead and applied more peppermint oil as deep as she could reach. It made things warm but not too uncomfortable. It was less intense than when she figged me with fresh, peeled ginger root.

After doing that for a while, she had me roll on to my back. She used the restraints attached to the headboard to secure my wrists. She then applied some of her mild (3% menthol) rub in a wide stripe down my balls. I felt a mild burning sensation. She asked how it felt and I told her. So she applied more. It was fairly intense but not as bad as the expired rub she had used last weekend.  Being the sweet lioness she is, she used a wet washcloth to remove it. For some reason the washcloth just spread the heat. Did she know that would happen?

Once I was “clean” she edged me a few times and back into my cage I went. She said that on Sunday I would be in the sling again and she would try the serious (16% menthol) rub. I guess my balls will get a bright red racing stripe and I will have a very bad time. She may also resume my anal training. This time I will use an enema first to assure a clear path for her visit. Lioness 2.0 is keeping things interesting here in the lions’ den.

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    I’ve had icy hot put on my penis and balls by my wife and now I’m going to go and see what percentage of menthol is in there. I know it was extremely uncomfortable–no comfortable position. I found it didn’t really bother my penis but my scrotum was on fire. I’m going to feel for you my friend.

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