You What?

I was thinking about just how unique those of us who practice enforced chastity are. What started me thinking was a comment from someone who calls him/herself Bedroom Guardian:

“You found a male that would allow you to control and schedule his sexual release and wear a shock collar on his privates?”

I realized that aside from being snarky, this comment brought up an interesting point. I imagined a conversation with someone who asked me that question in person:

[her] “You found a male that would allow you to control and schedule his sexual release and wear a shock collar on his privates?”

[Me] Yes. Me.

You? Really?

Yup. I think it is really hot.

Are you crazy?


How do you know he isn’t jerking off when you aren’t around?

[Thinking] “uh oh.” [Speaking] Well, uh, you see I have a chastity device locked on my penis and only she can open it. It prevents me from getting an erection and from having an orgasm.”

[Long pause]

[Her] A chastity device? There is such a thing?

[Me. Blushing furiously] “Yes, I am wearing it now.”

[Her, stealing a quick look at my crotch] “It doesn’t show.”

[My face getting redder] “No. It’s quite discreet.”

“Are you kidding? Come on. No self-respecting guy would let a woman do that to him.”

[Longer pause]

[Very softly] “I do.”

“How long have you worn it?”

“I’m in my third year now.”

[Shaking head and now openly staring at my crotch] “Really?”

[Inaudibly] “Yes.”

[Loudly] “What did you say?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

[Another very long pause as her eyes stare piercingly into mine.]

[She shakes her head] “And you wear a dog training collar on your genitals? How does that work?”

“It’s strapped around my cock and balls so the shocking part is under my balls.”

“And she gives you a shock if she feels like it?”

[Softly] “Yes.”

[She turns and walks away]

I think this is a best-case conversation. Clearly, what we are doing goes absolutely against the grain of most of the world. My point is that enforced chastity isn’t just wrong to many, it’s inconceivable. Let’s face it, almost all of us would have any idea at all that people did this stuff without first reading about it on the Web.

The modern, male chastity device was invented in the 1990’s, after the Worldwide Web was invented. I found enforced chastity on a web site. At the time I discovered it, the CB2000, as far as I know the first ball capture device, hadn’t been invented yet. The web site was full of fiction and devices, almost all of them chastity belts.

The reason there are so few of us is that aside from being absolutely weird to most people, is unknown. Thanks to TV shows and movies, most of the world knows about female domination and bondage. Even in the leather community, I would guess that the vast majority of BDSM practitioners have never heard of enforced chastity. And of those who have heard of it, most have never seen a chastity device.

Apparently, caged lions are rarer than spotted owls. Hoo!


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    Would be an interesting conversation–the only such conversations I’ve had have been with employees of sex toy stores. As such they have heard of male chastity and don’t look at me as if I am a three headed Martian. I do hope to have such a conversation with a member of the general public at some point–I think… lol
    Be careful what you wish for!

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    Next thing you know she will take you to buy a new bed. Of course that will be at the pet store (dog bed).

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    Actually, I think the male chastity “play” may no longer be so far beneath the public radar any more. Thanks, of course, to the Internet, pretty much all college-aged people are well aware of – one might even say versed in – more typical (vanilla?) BDSM, and have heard of the more “extreme” practices as well. One of the CB-series devices even made it onto mainstream (if premium-channel) TV, in the series Californication (

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      Really interesting. I don’t think it changes my premise though. In “Californication” the CB was shown as a sex toy. I would be surprised if anyone but a person already aware of enforced chastity would consciously note it and want to learn more.

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