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This past weekend some major changes took place in our FLR/enforced-chastity activities. Mrs. Lion firmly took the reins and did things she knew I would hate. As you know, it isn’t really exerting control when you “force” someone to do what they want to do. It’s fun, but it isn’t exactly dominance. This past weekend, that worm turned. My lioness did things to me that she knew I would not be thrilled experiencing. She massaged the head of my penis just after I ejaculated and wouldn’t stop no matter how much I complained. She continued until the sensitivity wore off. That was very hard to take. She followed up the next day with figging (ginger root peeled and inserted up my ass). I don’t hate that, but the heat was very intense. That was followed with a product like BenGay dabbed on my balls. I did hate that a lot.

She did other things too. The theme was that Lion is no longer being indulged. My enforced chastity and FLR are now firmly controlled by Mrs. Lion. When I asked her what’s going on, her answer was,

“This is what you want.”

Activities and changes that I truly hate are not best considered close to the time they occurred. It took me until Monday morning to realize that this is, indeed, what I asked for. It took a little longer to realize that not only is this what I asked her to do, it’s what I want and need. The more I dislike the “medicine” she makes me take, the longer it will take me to appreciate what she did and why. On Sunday I was very unhappy about what happened. I was grateful she only dabbed the menthol rub on my balls. I am very sure next time there will be much more coverage. She may even do the cruelest area of all: the perineum. That is way more sensitive than the scrotum.

Most impressive to me was the fact that when she started doing something (rubbing the head of my penis, or using the menthol rub on my balls) she went all the way. She kept me in the sling the entire time the burning continued. In the past she would let me out to wash it off. Not this time. The ginger stayed up my ass until it wore off. This is new behavior. Now that some time has passed, I appreciate it. On Sunday it made me growl and whine.

The sense of losing control is vastly heightened when I realize that not only is something I hate happening, but that it will continue to happen and I can’t stop it. That’s what it was like last weekend. I hadn’t considered how profound that experience would be. Now that the pain is in the distance, I can appreciate the benefits of Mrs. Lion’s actions.

There are a couple of observations I would make. The first is that only one source of pain can be felt at a time. So, providing more than one sensation at a time is not necessarily more intense than one. Letting one finish and starting the next is most productive. The second point surprised me a little. During the figging Mrs. Lion masturbated me. She did the same during the Ben Gay on my balls. I didn’t respond too well to the sexual stimulation. We concluded that it was because I wasn’t horny. I think that it was really because I couldn’t process the pleasurable sensation when I was getting such intense pain elsewhere. I kept thinking that I wanted the burning to stop and not that I liked her stimulating me. I also didn’t want her to think I liked it. After a few minutes once the pain subsided, sexual stimulation would have worked very well.

I was also thinking a bit about spanking too. I haven’t been doing too well with that. Given Mrs. Lion’s new approach to control, I hesitate to make a suggestion, but I will anyway. If she were to give her swats in groups of, say six to start, then wait a bit and do six more, it would give me a chance to regain composure. If she does that, she might consider making the minimum more swats to compensate for the “favor”. Over time she could increase each group to more swats until I am able to take a non-stop spanking. Just an idea, sweet lioness.



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    When topping, I’ve generally found that after a particularly challenging (i.e. painful) hit, such as a hard cane stroke, the whole experience for the bottom seems to be better if they’re allowed a bit of processing time before the next one. For something like a cane hit, which is brief but intense, this seems to be about 8-15 seconds; often you can see their facial expression change from the initial shock, then screwing up while handling it, then relaxing somewhat (their muscles seem to relax then, too). That’s when tears may start leaking out a bit as well (by no means is this necessarily a bad thing, in the grand scheme, but it might be a good time to check in…).

    Longer term ongoing pain is a much trickier thing to manage, and I was never as good at it as I wanted to be. A friend of ours was superbly skilled in this art: several times I’ve seen him slowly ramp up the stimulation, either by adding clamps, or hundreds of cane or paddle hits, or electrically, while keeping the bottom just balanced on the edge of what they could take. There was never a top end that I could discern; it really seemed like he could have kept going forever, but after about 20 to 30 minutes, he’d start adding in the pleasurable genital stimulation, and this inevitably would cause a huge spine-cracking orgasm in the bottom within a minute.

    It was quite amazing to watch; sort of like a truly professional musician can say “let’s bring it home now”, and deliberately cause one of those delicious spine-tingling music-gasms for the audience. (I saw Ray Charles once; he was absolutely brilliant at doing this.) I think I need to practice this more. (Although my wife keeps me in chastity, and solely decides when I may orgasm, she really enjoys it when I top her; conversely, except for chastity, bottoming is really not my thing.)

    On another topic, there must be something in the air that’s domme-ing up women; my wife locked me up a couple of weeks ago, and although she’s had me out once for sex, now she’s putting me right back in the chastity device. A couple of things she’s mentioned recently: “I’m going to keep you like this all the time now, I think,” and, this last time, “You’re going to be locked up for quite a while this time.”

    This is just what I was hoping for, and now she seems to have fully bought into this lifestyle. For example, this morning, when I was already up and doing some work, she called me (texted, actually – our bedroom is somewhat removed from our offices) up to bed to go down on her. I certainly didn’t mind – far from it, of course, as it’s just about my favorite thing to do – but this is nearly the first time she’s ever explicitly asked for it, and there was a tone to her message that, while not commanding, certainly made clear her expectation that I’d be right up and diving in.

    It’s turning out to be a pretty good year!

    1. Author

      Excellent comment! That’s exactly my experience as a top. It takes a lot of time and attention to keep the bottom just on the edge of “too much”. Mrs. Lion is truly improving at this skill. I have no doubt that she will become a truly virtuoso lion player.

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