Have I Been Nice For Too Long?

I decided to be nice to Lion last night and allow him to give me the orgasm he missed on Sunday night. He wanted to know if he could do it again soon. Greedy boy. I told him he could. I don’t know when. He’ll just have to keep an eye on that calendar. Afterwards I unlocked him and worked on his horniness level. As promised, I made it worse. He still has a few days to go before it gets any better. I considered having my orgasm be the only play of the night, but I had promised him I’d give Mr. Weenie a workout since he didn’t get one Sunday. I’m trying to keep my promises.

Lion asked if I like my new found strictness. When I said I guess I do, he told me I am the most indecisive person he knows. True. I’m just not sure how long I can keep it up. It takes a lot to get me to a point that I will take action. You’d think that once I reached that point I could maintain it. Not so. Think about losing weight. You battle for a long time to get those twenty pounds off, but now you have to maintain it. Any little slip will allow it to creep back on. Do you really want to be on high alert all the time? I don’t. So, like most things, I’ll take it as it comes and try to rule with an iron fist as often as possible.

I was thinking on the way to work this morning that maybe we should play when I decide we should play. By that I mean, if I think we should play before dinner then it shouldn’t matter if he’s hungry. And when he’s hungry he tends to whine. So if I get home and decide it’s time to play, we should do it. If he’s in the middle of something and I decide to play, we’ll play. Lion has no say in the matter anymore. I’ve been too nice for too long.

This is not to say that I won’t take Lion’s suggestions into account. I will always listen to what he wants. I may not always act on them, but he usually gives me good ideas. I’d be crazy not to take some of them. Of course, I’ll put my own spin on them. It wouldn’t be any good if he knew exactly what I have in store for him.