Merry Christmas 2015

This is my second Christmas post. It’s the 675th one I’ve written for this blog. It’s hard to imagine that I have that much to say about anything, much less enforced male chastity. I’m surprised how important enforced chastity remains for us. Wearing the Jail Bird is part of my life. It rarely comes off for more than an hour. When it’s off, I forget it isn’t there and feel surprised when I reach down and there is not steel between my legs.

Mrs. Lion’s rules have also taken root. It’s very rare that I don’t look and assure myself she’s begun eating before I take my first bite. It’s just what I do, no thought necessary. I still interrupt and often that goes uncorrected. I think that will end soon. I check with her before making decisions. She has the last word on what we will and won’t do. My pubic hair remains absent. I think its been gone over twenty years now. The lack of hair down there makes wearing the device more comfortable, I think. No hair to get caught in the steel. There is at least one physical change after being caged nearly two years: my urethra has an extended opening, little lips that protrude from the front of the cage (Click below the post on the “More” link to see the NSFW image of my urethra.). The pressure of the head of my penis against the cage has pressed the urethral opening out a bit past the end of the cage. This is very useful to avoid a mess when peeing standing up.

Other than that, I am physically the same now as I was two years ago. Emotionally, on the other hand, I have changed. I am far more aware of my lioness and what she wants than I was before chastity. It isn’t that I wasn’t thoughtful before. I didn’t pay as much attention to her as I do now. She has always been the center of my world. Now that she owns my sexual pleasure, my awareness is necessarily heightened.

Enforced chastity is a shared kink. Because we both embrace it, the experience is transforming for both of us. You wouldn’t think that what seems to be a sexual game could actually change our lives. It has. The most obvious benefit is that my sexual frustration and ultimate pleasure are front and center for both of us. Over the time I’ve been in a chastity device, we’ve established a new sexual rhythm. Nearly every night my penis is unlocked and teased to the edge of orgasm over and over. On my scheduled orgasm dates I am still edged several times and then finally allowed to ejaculate and enjoy a complete orgasm.

This pattern of edging and eventual orgasm is now a perfectly normal part of our lives. The number of times I am edged before I eventually come has taught me that non-orgasmic sense is “normal” and that actually coming is a fairly rare and special treat. Before enforced chastity, I expected an orgasm and ejaculation every time my penis was stimulated. I think that Mrs. Lion expected to make me come every time we did anything sexual. This change is very large for both of us. We don’t think about this change very much. But now that I am considering it, I think it is probably the most significant sexual change for us both. I can’t claim it was easy for either of us. I also don’t think that we expected it.

There it is. Enforced chastity has changed both of us. We both are very happy with the changes.

Merry Christmas!

penis urethra in chastity cage
The end of my urethra has enlarged after being pressed against the end of the Jail Bird. This has proven very useful at the urinal.