Improving The Male Chastity Device

urethra poking out of a male chastity device
When everything is lined up; my urethra peaks out of the center opening. Peeing is not a problem then. Should it slip down a bit, there will be a messy spray.
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Mrs. Lion seemed surprised when she read about my decision to order a Cherry Keeper 3D printed chastity device. After all, I do have a large collection of these items. So far, the only one I wear regularly is the Jail Bird. Part of the reason I do is that it’s out and available when it isn’t on me. The main reason is that it fits perfectly and is very comfortable. I suspect that Mrs. Lion also likes the steel better than white nylon.

The Jail Bird is an old friend. I’ve been wearing it since 2014. It’s gone through several modifications, primarily cage shortening, to improve the fit. It’s very unlikely that any off-the-shelf product can fit as well. Having said that, there is one issue with the Jail Bird that I wish could be fixed: the alignment of my urethra in the cage.

Each time I’ve had the cage shortened I expected the firmer contact with the front bars would keep my urethra centered and unobstructed. Now that the cage length is down to just 1 inch, the shortest Jail Bird can be made, my urethra still wanders a little bit. All it takes is for it to move slightly behind one of the bars to produce an unfortunate, messy spray of urine.

It may turn out that short of a urethral tube, no device will provide continuous, trouble-free alignment for the urethra. A partial solution is to sit when peeing. That way, messy spray is contained inside the toilet. Of course, if the alignment is off my balls get an unwelcome urine shower. My solution is to keep a Q-tip handy at all times. I can use it to realign the head of my penis so that spray is eliminated.

I really want a trouble-free device. Our collective experience with very short cages suggests there may be an opportunity to build devices that effectively hold the penis head position and, of course, provide protection from sexual arousal. The market dictates what’s important when designing and building male chastity devices. Until the last few years, there’s been very little feedback to the makers.

Thanks to blogs and forums, it’s possible for people who will design and make male chastity devices to keep their fingers on the pulse of the market. Discussion of security is more and more infrequent. Guys are maturing and recognize that they are wearing these devices because they asked to. That means, one of the major considerations in chastity device design: security is very low priority. With our discovery that cage length can be very short without compromising comfort, another formerly important fit issue has fallen by the wayside.

As my one-inch Jail Bird illustrates, the cage itself only has to contain the head of the penis. The flaccid body comfortably collapses upon itself and lives behind the cage and in front of the base ring. That means we can get a design that fits the head like a glove and has a mechanical mechanism, like the headlock in the Cherry Keeper, that doesn’t allow the head to pull back at any time. This fit should guarantee there won’t be any more migration causing those unpleasant sprays.

The Nub is a good example of a device that’s on the right track. Its 1 inch tube tightly holds the penis head and the urethra pokes through the single front opening. In my experiments wearing it, I find that the urethra can at times wander away from its position. Getting it back in position can be problematic.

I have an idea. What if the very front of the cage has a short funnel-like structure. If the head can be held firmly in place inside the cage, the short funnel can encourage the urethra to remain centered. The walls of this sloping shape can form a sort of seal between the head of the penis and the opening. This will assure proper alignment. I’m not suggesting that the funnel taper to a small opening. It doesn’t have to. It just needs to provide a little extra encouragement to keep the urethra where it belongs.

Once you stop worrying about security and somehow encasing the entire penis in a cage, you can think about the issues that make long-term chastity device wear more practical. I think it’s worth a try.


  1. I think the funnel is a good idea. I use the urethral tube to keep my peehole lined up on my short cages.

    1. Author

      I discussed the final idea with the maker of the Cherrykeeper. He convinced me that it could be just as much trouble as getting my urethra biting the bars of my cage. I don’t want to wear a urethral tube because of the increased risk of a UTI.

  2. Tough design challenge because of the pliable nature of the unengorged penis. It changes radically in size and shape due to temp, heart rate, exercise, body position, etc.

    My jailbird is not long and normally matches up to my anatomy pretty well but sitting and laying down do better than standing and after a workout things can get all out of whack.

    That is a tough problem to solve when the target is always changing size.

    1. Author

      That’s why I am hopeful that the Cherrykeeper with the headlock feature will do the job. The head of the penis is fairly stable in terms of maintaining its shape and size. With a little compression it’s not going anywhere. The shaft of the penis of course, changes radically depending on body position and temperature. The headlock is a sort of shelf inside the cage that sits between the head and the body of the penis. The head has to be forced through the opening. Once inside, it’s not going anywhere unless the cages unlocked and gently pulled off. That’s why I think this is a potential solution for the problem.

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