In hindsight, I think maybe I instituted the Christmas eve and Christmas day orgasm because it’s the perfect gift for Lion. No matter what present I get him, I’m guaranteed he’ll be thrilled with his orgasm. This year, two of my presents to him missed the mark. It’s not that he didn’t appreciate them. He just didn’t have the reaction I thought he’d have. At least one was from lack of planning and research on my part. He keeps apologizing for not being excited enough. There’s really no need for an apology. I’m the one who blew it.

On the other hand, he had a wonderful orgasm last night. I got him all excited with the Magic Wand and then after edging him a few times, I climbed on board for a Lion ride. He was very surprised by that. He’s not sure which way is his favorite way to have an orgasm, but that’s definitely up there. I think he was also surprised by receiving punishment for not reminding me it was punishment day. I know it’s more difficult when we’re together. I also know it’s more difficult when we’re outside of our regular work routines. But rules are rules. My phone alerted me at 8 pm and at 8:31 I alerted Lion. I probably should have given him more than the eight hard whacks because he moved and nearly knocked me off the bed. I guess I was just in the Christmas spirit and allowed that to slide.

Today, he gets his second orgasm. I haven’t decided what to do for him yet, but he’ll enjoy it. I’m sure of that. It really is the perfect gift.