He Died With His Cage On

There’s less than a month until our second chastiversary (I couldn’t resist). If you would have asked me whether I thought we would go this long when we started, I would have said no. There is a simple test to determine how likely something new is to last: check the value the new activity provides to each person. In the case of enforced chastity, I could see my benefit: getting to experience a fantasy. But I didn’t see any real value to Mrs. Lion. I knew she would try it out of love for me. But I figured there was a very good chance that she would lose interest; or, for that matter, I would.

That fact is that neither of us lost interest. It’s not that locking up my penis is eternally fascinating to either of us. We discovered that the sexual power exchange opened up new avenues of communication and reduced some festering bad feelings we weren’t discussing. A chastity device is an amazing expectation manager. It is a twenty-four hour reminder to me that sex is not going to happen until Mrs. Lion unlocks me. I can’t resent the fact that she isn’t paying sexual attention to me. She is. She just isn’t letting me come when I want.

She resented the fact that I didn’t initiate sex. With the device on, I can’t. There’s nothing to resent. More importantly, she knows that she can have sex any time she wants. If she seems that she is forgetting, I remind her. I do have to be careful because too many reminders gets me a spanking.

That’s another change enforced chastity brought to us. Mrs. Lion has learned to discipline me when needed. Hopefully, the amount of suppressed resentment has been reduced since she is actively encouraged to let me know when I displease her. Every Monday and Thursday night are punishment nights when we discuss any offenses I may have committed. Even though most times there are no offenses, having scheduled times to discuss and act on my misdeeds reminds her that she has a very clear way to deal with anything I do that upsets her. My challenge has been to remind her to use this power. Her first instinct is to suppress those feelings. I want her to express them and get them out of the way. That doesn’t mean I like being spanked. Well, I do like play spankings, but the punishment variety just plain hurts; as it should.

Enforced chastity hasn’t solved our problems but it opened up a channel of communication we didn’t have before. Over the weekend I asked Mrs. Lion how she would feel if I asked to stop wearing the device. Tongue slightly in cheek she said that it would mean I would be back to giving myself orgasms and very little sexual attention from her. That was her way of telling me that there is no way I am getting out. She still has trouble saying no, but in her own way she made the point about my enforced chastity. The bottom line is that rain or shine, sickness or health, I will not have access to my penis without her unlocking me. I guess, I will die with my cage on. Romantic notion, no?