Silent Night

Lion was quiet last night. Actually, Lion was snoring softly. We’ve both been very tired, as usual. Since it was the day after an orgasm, it didn’t seem unusual for him not to be interested in play. I’m always conflicted between letting him snooze and waking him up so he’ll sleep later.

Lion made the happy discovery yesterday that his office is closed on Thursday and Friday this week, just as mine is. Another four-day weekend for us. That means more potential play for Lion. I can’t imagine we’ll be running any errands. The stores will be zoos both the day before and the day after Christmas. I know Lion hates to be housebound even for a day, but this is heaven for me. I’ll be happy if all we have to do is get gas for the vehicles. Besides, more time at home means more opportunities for trips to the dungeon. You just need to learn to look on the bright side.

I don’t have any actual plans for the weekend. I don’t usually. I do know that Lion needs some more attention. Something more than just edging. Something more than just spanking. I’m not sure what it will be. Maybe I’ll ask him for ideas. What is he missing? What does he want more of? What new thing has he thought of and hasn’t sprung on me yet? Then I can decide how to torture him for the whole weekend. Of course, it will hardly be torture with him getting two orgasms in two days. But for that brief shining moment of intense pain or discomfort, he won’t be thinking about the orgasm. He’ll be wondering how long he can endure the object that is poking/pinching/stretching him somewhere.

I think Lion will have a Merry Christmas weekend indeed.