Saturday night after I came, Mrs Lion locked me up again, and here in my cage I remain. We had no sexual time on  Sunday. That was fine with me. For whatever reason, both my libido and interest in sensation play remain low. My interest in pleasing Mrs. Lion is as high as ever. Yesterday, there was what I believe to be an omen of our power exchange future: Mrs. Lion found my old, red collar tucked away in a drawer unopened in years. I haven’t checked with her about it, but it feels to me that wearing a collar again is in my near future.

The new, purple collar bothers me after wearing it for a while. I don’t think I ever successfully slept in one. The edge, even of a soft, nylon collar digs into my neck or jaw. I didn’t think I would ever wear a chastity device 24/7 and look at me now. I’ve learned to never say “never”. If Mrs. Lion wants me to learn to do something, I somehow learn. I’m sure she’ll keep us posted on her plans.

I’ve been tired and grumpy for days now. Part of it was unnecessary worry about my job. But that cause went away on Friday morning. I went to the doctor Friday and he has me taking a new antihistamine. Perhaps that has something to do with my mood. I’ll contact him and ask. Meantime, I feel chilly, grumpy, and tired. I need a lot more hugs right now. This is the sort of time that others pull away from writing and wait for something important to say. I don’t think I ever say anything particularly important. I do think the aggregate of my writing over the last two years is an accurate picture of lion in power-exchange land.

I still don’t feel submissive or docile. I want to, but I don’t. That doesn’t mean I am not under Mrs. Lion’s control. It does mean I have way too much input, largely because our relationship is more a partnership than Mrs. Lion’s dictatorship. Neither of us want that to change. The transfer of power moves much slowly than I expected. The transfer is occuring; gradually but at a steady pace. Often neither of us are aware of it. But every so often I find my will subsumed by my lioness. At the time I am startled and feel like fighting back. After a moment’s reflection I realize what is happening and I smile.

Sometimes we make it seem that adding enforced chastity to our relationship is pretty easy. Sometimes we forget how much we struggled to incorporate it into our lives. In about three weeks we will celebrate our second chastiversary. OK, I know that is corny. But the passage of time isn’t. When we first began we agreed to review whether or not we want to continue in March 2016. It was very far away in January 2014. Now it is barely three months away. I have no plan to review being locked up. I don’t think Mrs. lion has one either. Enforced chastity is now part of our relationship and who we are. Same old…


  1. Author

    Buddy ..
    One of your
    Best post ever!!
    And congrats on the chastiversary ..frankly . My Lady and I getting past the three year mark,a couple of months ago, kinda took me by surprise …
    Course there is incredibly less chance I get to come or even out of the cage than you …
    (You lucky lucky Lion)☺
    In my case ..although much different than you ..I consider myself to be equally as lucky as you. ????

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    Lots of *hugs* to you

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