Mind Over Matter

lion in his collar
This is Lion’s new collar. It is purple with his name embroidered into it. It should assure he won’t get lost. His tag has his name and on the other side has my phone number to call if he is naughty.

The days tend to blend in together around here. I can’t remember when things happen. I think it was Friday when Lion got a package in the mail. Since we couldn’t find his leather collar or his red nylon collar, he’d ordered a purple nylon collar with his name on it. He also ordered a matching tag. He wore it for a few hours Friday night. In the past he’s had to wear it whenever he is home. He’s even had to sleep in it. And I remember at least one time making him wear it to the store. At this point, he needs to get used to it again so I’m not making him wear it for very long.

Last night, Lion was difficult to arouse again. He asked if we could wait till today for his orgasm. I said we could. Then he said maybe we could try later. Also okay. After about an hour he wanted to snuggle. My hands were wandering while we snuggled and Mr. Weenie seemed to be waking up so I asked if he’d like to try again. Apparently the snuggling did it. When I got him fully aroused I was debating whether I should edge him a few times or just go for gold. Given his false starts lately, I didn’t dare push my luck. Lion said there wasn’t very much semen but that could be because I didn’t edge him. It may also be because he had a ruined orgasm the other night. I told him it didn’t mean he was broken. He disagreed. He doesn’t know why he’s having so much trouble lately. I think I might know.

First of all, he worries about things a lot. I understand he’s worried about his job, but sometimes he does it when he doesn’t have to. Second of all, he worries that he’s broken a lot. If he keeps thinking he’s broken then it stands to reason that he will be broken. Mind over matter. If you keep thinking, “I hope I’m not broken. I hope I’m not broken” then it’s easy to psych yourself out and be broken. Lion is not broken. He’s a worrywart. Stop stressing yourself out, man!

Here’s a tip that worked for me when I still cared about sex. If I was having trouble getting to the promised land (as Lion puts it), I would stop thinking “when the hell is this orgasm ever going to happen” and start thinking “this man will do anything for me and I’m so lucky to have him”. It sounds corny, but it worked. Lion just needs to think about how wonderful I am. Shouldn’t he always?

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