Generally I am full of ideas for posts. I enjoy sharing what’s happening in my life and what I think about various aspects of our kinks. But today I have no good ideas and I am starting to wonder how many people follow us on a daily basis. A lot of people read this blog. Our numbers are in the top of similar blogs. I can’t complain at all about that. Search engines rank us in the top ten listings for relevant search terms. All is good, right? Maybe objectively it is, but I miss the two-way conversations that make writing so interesting. For some reason we just don’t attract many comments. Maybe we aren’t controversial enough. Perhaps we just don’t resonate well with our readers. It could also be that nothing is wrong and people like to read here and then go off and do something else. I don’t know. I wish I did.

Friday night, as she wrote in her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion gave me an orgasm. It was, as always, excellent. For the record it was a handjob with lots of edging first. I was bucking like a bronco by the time she finally let me come. Saturday was spent blowing and mulching leaves. The rain stayed away all day and gave us a chance to dig ourselves out from under the fall mess. We spent a little time watching a college football game. Two teams we could care less about were playing. It was still fun to watch. Dinner was at a nice restaurant. Mrs. Lion got a gift card for it and I have a birthday credit from their rewards club. An almost free dinner; what a nice gift for us! Today I am going to smoke a turkey. Mrs. Lion said that she didn’t think they made rolling paper that big (groan).

I’ve been thinking that maybe we shouldn’t be writing posts every day. How many people would care if they came less regularly? I decided on this pattern based on something I used to like a lot. When we lived on the East Coast, I commuted to the city by train. The ride was about an  hour each way. I would read The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times while on the train. I loved reading the regular features and looked forward to that chance to catch up on the news. When we started this blog, my idea was to offer the same kind of experience to our readers. We would post at fixed times every day so people could include is in their daily lives. I’m not sure it worked out that way. Do you treat our blog as part of your daily routine? Is that even a reasonable expectation?

Our daily posts have been useful for Mrs. Lion and I. We frequently communicate through the blog. We often tell each other things here instead of in email or in person. I, at least, have come to value reading how she feels about what we have done and to get a preview of what may be in store for me. In that sense, the Journal is very useful to us and our marriage. Maybe it’s because of the return of wet, cool weather that I am not feeling very happy. Are we part of your life? Would it matter very much if we wrote less often? Please take a minute and let us know.


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    Personally I love your daily updates, especially seeing the way you communicate with each other through them as it gives an insight in to the two of you that you don’t often see.
    I don’t comment often because I’m not great with words myself, but be aware that there are people who really enjoy reading what the two of you write and it feels like I’m going along on the journey with you

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    I discovered your blog about 2 months ago because I am “playing” on line with someone who was very interested in femdom, chastity belts and other sorts of kinks. After a decade and a half in a sexless marriage I discovered “swinging”, realised how great good sex can be and have begun exploring. I have shared a number of things you’ve both discussed here and reading both sides definitely helps me understand things better from both sides. Less regularly would also work I am sure but the blog doesn’t have to even be a long one – I do catch up almost every day though. Thank you both so much for sharing!

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    In some sense, your relationship is the real star of the blog that keeps a lot of us coming back. I’m a lot like you, but Miss isn’t at all like Mrs. Lion, so the chastity developments are sometimes helpful and sometimes not. The strength and warmth of your relationship shines through all you post, and we both respond to that.

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      Thanks so much! I agree that our relationship is what keeps us committed to enforced chastity and FLM. For reasons I don’t truly understand, these kinks have moved us both to a new level.

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    By all means continue. At leaast the former commentator and mye wife/me follow you. In many ways we feel like you do, and initiated a blog to record for ourselves, what happens on a psycological level, when the opportunity to masturbate, even to have intercourse is removed for a prolonged time. What happens to my wife, me and the relationship.

    I have been 100% honest regarding what I report. I do not have meny readers as the site was started late august, but as you, I question whether I should continue, as there is not one single response.

    But I think I/we will write anyway, as a diary, at least for my wife and me.

    The Lioness Writes half of your blog. that is good! Although it has not happened yet, my wife is not negative to vent her experiences on our blog. That might increase my blogs credability and thus might attract more readers. I do not know. What I do believe, is that there are a lot of fantasy stuff and non-true experiences out there.

    Please feel free to visit our page and comment. My first “O” after lockup in august is scheduled for Oct. 23rd., that is unless my wife decides to postpone it.

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      Thanks for your support. It means a lot. Hang in there with your blog. It takes some time for you to get your rhythm and for the world to discover you. In the meantime, like us, you are using your writing to communicate to one another.

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    Please continue with your ongoing commentary. i read both of your comments daily. i don’t post much, but do enjoy reading about a couple who are on the same page. Have been single for quite a number of years and practice self-denial, so is nice to reminisce about a good relationship through your writings. The “blahs” hit everyone, believe me, so just sit back, don’t stress and remember that tomorrow is another day. Many long and wonderful years to you both.

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      Thank you for your kind words. It helps a lot to know you find value in our daily posts.

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    I understand how you may be feeling about this, although the many replies you received already should have shown you otherwise. I think the situation is exactly the same as the old “Usenet nod”:

    In the olden days, before FaceBook, WordPress, or even, I believe, the word “blog” existed, there were the newsgroups. A famous one amongst kinksters was (started by a friend of mine, in fact), which later became overrun with spam and moved to soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm. These were more or less the equivalent of a “group” on FetLife (one group for all of kinkdom!), within which multiple threads could be present at one time. For various reasons (the knowledge required, and the non-“outness” of BDSM in general), the community stayed comparatively small – perhaps a thousand people or so.

    Getting past the historical lesson and back to my point, sometimes one would write up a particularly great post, but it would receive no replies at all. Sometimes it was great, but in an area that no one was actively pursuing at the moment; sometimes, it was so good that there was nothing left to say. Regardless, this phenomenon became known as the “Usenet nod”, named for the image of peoples’ heads nodding in agreement behind their (then CRT) monitors, but not actually typing anything.

    As other posters have noted, reading your blog is definitely become part of my daily routine. It’s ever so much more enjoyable than the breakfast cereal box… 🙂

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      I was a regular reader and contributor to and I was lucky enough to live in New York so my “real life” BDSM was in the NY leather community, so when the spam came along, I just stopped reading/writing. Actually, predating usenet, there was CompuServ. I was on there too and that was where I discovered online sex.

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        I figured that you might have been active on ASB – what did you go by, there?

        Anyway, as I mentioned earlier (ad as so many others have also), please keep writing! I really enjoy following what’s going on with you folks; much like a closely followed TV show, I almost feel as if I know you. Thanks for putting in all the effort!

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          Thanks for taking the time to let us know. It means a lot. I was Mtnlion on ASB, I think. You?

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            Tyer, then as now. I started being more interactive at the tail end of ASB,and spent much more time on SSB-B. I met my current wife there, in fact, but obviously didn’t constrain myself to on-line fantasy. Such stories – I bet you have a bundle of them, too…


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    I very much enjoy learning from the interaction between you and Mrs. L. It’s very generous of you both to share so openly. It’s almost impossible to operate a blog for a long period with feeling that you are becoming repetitive. Don’t let it become a burden. If inspiration runs dry, it’s fine to take a little time off. Best wishes to you both.

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    I read your blog almost every day. I really like that both of you write – it is interesting and enlightening to hear both of your perspectives. I feel like I am similar to you, but although we have dabbled, my wife finally decided that she just is not interested in any of the “kink” that is found in FLR, chastity, or DD. Thus, I enjoy both of your blogs, both for “fantasy” aspect and for the enjoyment of seeing the communications and interplay between two people who obviously love and care for each other very much.

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    Dear Mr. Lion:

    I’d like to say first and foremost; thank you for your daily posts, my wife and I thoroughly enjoy them. You and your wife’s blog is very much a part of our day; mostly. Meaning that in between our sometimes-hectic lives, we indulge a bit by reading about your life. We read you because you offer perspective that helps, encourages, and inspires us on our own EMC journey. We typically don’t comment because we have an unpublished that we use to communicate with each other much like your blog’s dynamic. On any given day there is only so much time we can spend typing if we know that other areas of out life need attention; and they often do.

    We tend to devote the time we would use to comment on your posts by typing to each other. Our lack of commenting in your forum should not be interpreted as indifference; it is anything but. However, I can see how not hearing from your readers might leave you with a “WTF” type of feeling and I’m glad you shared that. When I complain that the people in my life are seemingly ignoring me, my wife tells me, “Jake, it’s probably worse than you thought, it has nothing to do with you,” and nine times out of ten she is right. People are usually just in their own world.

    You started this blog to allow others a view into your EMC/FLM life with Mrs. Lion and I imagine that you not only expected sharing to be rewarding, but you really liked the idea that others would comment and thus fuel your creativity similar to the snowball effect. Our lack of commenting is not that you don’t resonate well with your readers, (or at least us,) it’s that you resonate a little too well. My wife has commented on that in our docs. She noticed, as caged male, when I have been reading your posts regularly, I tend to have similar posts in our docs the next day before your daily post is published; freaky!

    Therein lies a paradox that you’ve alluded to in this post. The paradox is this: Outside of sharing your life, it seems the prime motivating factor that led you to start the blog was to have a better line of communication with Mrs. Lion and I believe that is exactly what you have done. Paradoxically, by creating such a wonderful tight forum for communication between yourselves, you have set it up so that your readers may feel awkward interfering with you and Mrs. Lion’s daily conveyance simply because people like you and don’t want to overstep. Most people wouldn’t jump into a conversation between a couple talking intimately and I think that same curtsey is being shown to you in your blog’s discussion forum and that may be why the comments are thin.

    With that in mind, I almost feel I am overstepping by writing this to you without asking Mrs. Lion’s permission to stroke your ego. Generally it’s common curtsey to ask someone if you can pet their dog before you start petting It.

    Keep posting daily if possible and we’ll keep reading.

    Good luck with smoking that turkey. Turkey tends to dry out, as I’m sure you’re aware. When I’ve smoked them in the past I did it at 325 degrees for 4-6 hours using red hickory chip. The chip basket lasted for about an hour: Any longer of a smoke than that, it has the potential to turn into turkey-jerky. I had great success by using a flavor injector filled with a rosemary ghee that I’d inject under the skin during prep. I also found it helpful to use a mop periodically during the first 2 hours. The mop I used was 3 parts apple juice, 1 molasses, 1 part yellow mustard. If you mop after 2 hours you may not get crispy skin.

    Best line is a movie about turkey (2:00)


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      Thank you for the very thoughtful comment. You’ve inspired both of us.

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    I totally agree with almost all of the other comments. I frequently check your posts late in the evening on my phone where it is not easy to post extensive comments. And, yes, I almost always find myself nodding my head in agreement. I love your sharing about every-day life and how enforced chastity fits in (or sometimes doesn’t fit in). I can relate to so many things including a “Mrs. Seeking” who has no libido either.

    If you ever travel to the San Francisco area and are tempted to give a live presentation, I will be in the front row.

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      Thank you very much for the kind words. It is great to hear that you enjoy our posts. It’s been years since I have done any presentations. I love San Francisco and the leather community there.

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