Of Course I Did

Yesterday I wrote that, because of a snafu regarding the schedule, Lion was due for three four-day waits in a row. I wasn’t sure if I would give him his orgasm last night. That’s not technically true. I was pretty sure I was going to give him one. He was too. And why not?

If I take it down to the basic form, all Lion cares about is that I’m in charge. As long as I do what I want and not (necessarily) what he wants, he’ll be happy. There are some nights he’s not so ready for an orgasm. Too bad. Is it a scheduled night? If so, then he’ll have that orgasm whether he wants to or not. Now there are some exceptions. Is he not into it because he’s tired or not feeling well or he got bad news? I won’t force him to have an orgasm. But if it’s just an average Tuesday night and he’s just not as horny as he could be but I still have enough to work with, he’s having the orgasm. There are some nights he’s very ready for an orgasm. Too bad. If it’s not a scheduled night, he’s out of luck. Unless, of course, I feel like it. He can always hope for a bonus night.

In four days, Lion will have yet another orgasm. Then he’s in for a longer wait. I think he only has two orgasms scheduled for November. The poor boy. Fairly long waits for a Lion used to having a ten day wait on average. I know, he’s a lightweight when compared to some males in chastity. Our little game is less about the wait and more about the teasing. I don’t think I ever looked at is as an exercise in making him wait. Pre-chastity he waited a few weeks at a time before he’d take matters into his own hands. It’s not the wait that bothers him so much. It’s the constant reminder that he can’t take matters into his own hands. It’s the constant reminder that I can torture him and lock him back up. It’s the constant desire that I will go just a tiny bit too far edging him and he’ll get to the promised land.

Four days, four weeks, four months. It doesn’t matter. And if it doesn’t matter, I’d rather stick to shorter waits. Not necessarily four days, but not four months. I think Lion agrees. And if he doesn’t? Too bad.