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Sometimes, when I take Lion out for a spin, I wonder if I really need to edge him every time. What if I just got him hard and put him away? Would it have the same effect as edging him? Would he be just as horny afterwards? What if I never actually edged him at all during a wait? What if it was a short wait, four days or so, and I never edged him once? If I only got him hard and stopped before he really got to the edge, would he be as frustrated when the time came for his orgasm? Or does it send a different message?

Lots of questions. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I’ve never discussed it with Lion. I know he would say I should do what I want. I’m in charge. I don’t know what I want to do. What if it has some unintended consequence? What if he’s not as horny and isn’t ready for his orgasm? What if he thinks I don’t want to edge him anymore? What if he feels ignored/rejected/whatever else he might feel? So far, I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it even once. I know once won’t cause any permanent “damage”. I just don’t want him to miss out on what he’s looking for. If he expects to be edged, then I should edge him.

I guess it’s just my indecision rearing its ugly head again. Lion is right, I should do what I want. He needs no explanation as to why I’m doing a certain thing. If I’ve gotten it into my head that he should be tied down and have Icy Hot smeared on his balls every night this week, then that’s what should happen. Don’t worry, Lion. There’s no Icy Hot in your immediate future. But there might be a non-edging session.


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    For what it’s worth, your curiousity demonstrates a meaningful level of interest and investment. Why not experiment with your various ideas? Regardless of the short term results, I imagine Lion would be happy to know you are refining your ways. That’s a huge positive to offset any temporary negative results from an experiment.


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    During the periods that my wife keeps me locked up (generally a week or two -the longest was six weeks), she never removes the tube, because it’s somewhat of a hassle to her. However, the device we use – a Lori’s #5 – leaves a significant portion of the shaft exposed; only the head and part way down, including the “sweet spot” is covered.

    This means that she can – and does – tease me *very* effectively, without too much effort on her part. All she has to do is play with the exposed portion of my penis, and in short order I’m reduced to a blathering mass flopping around like a landed tuna. I am quite honestly beyond speech, and all I can think of is how to get that one missing spot stimulated enough to cum.

    I wouldn’t call this edging, because there’s no danger of me going over the edge – it’s just enormously stimulating, and frustrating. She generally does this at least once a day – either morning or evening – and that’s definitely enough to keep me from feeling neglected.

    Perhaps there’s something like this you can do with Mr. Lion that could get him to this stage. It works out well for my wife, because she doesn’t have to be careful about going too far.

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