3 Questions I Am Never Asked

We get a lot of questions from readers. I’m sure other bloggers also get their share. What’s particularly interesting to me are the questions that aren’t asked. Here are some:

Don’t you get tired of spending all your days and nights locked in a chastity device?

My answer is: Yes, sometimes I get tired of constantly being locked up. Generally, I feel that way every few days, usually when I’m tired and grumpy. It doesn’t last. I mentally shrug and tell myself it is a small price to pay for the benefits we are both getting. Most of the time I am unaware I am wearing it. Of course, when I have to pee I become very aware of my plight. At those times I don’t regret the cage, I just make sure I don’t make a mess.

What about when you are very horny, are you still happy with the cage?

Probably the easiest part of enforced chastity for me is managing being horny. Of course I suffer when I’m edged and then put away unsatisfied. During the day I feel the need for that denied release. But I love that frustration too. It’s very hot to realize that I am completely unable to come and I depend completely on Mrs. Lion for release. I also think about the bad, old days when I was wild. Mrs. Lion would only rarely offer me release. When I got frustrated enough I would jerk off. That never felt all that good. What I have now is so much better. I do come a lot less than I did when wild. But when I do, it is amazing! Better yet, between orgasms I get teased almost every day. Mrs. Lion spends considerable time and effort getting me as aroused as possible without ejaculation. And she doesn’t just do it once. She does it over and over until I want to beg for release. Of course that does not good. I only get to come when she wants. I get no vote. Now isn’t that hot? I think so!

You’ve been doing this for nearly two years. Hasn’t this become routine?

Yes and no. Wearing the cage has become part of me. Even when Mrs. Lion uncages me, I frequently forget it’s not there. I sit down to pee even though it isn’t necessary. I wonder if Mrs. Lion even notices the cage anymore. It’s always there. When it’s time for teasing or release, I obediently lie on my back and Mrs. Lion removes the cage. I then take off the base ring. When she wants me locked  up again, she hands me the base ring and I put it on immediately. The same is true for spanking. She comes over with the paddle and I obediently lie on my stomach. It’s all part of my life. Now the teasing and edging never gets routine for me. There are times that I think I am not that interested. Then Mrs. Lion plays with my penis and I get hard. She starts masturbating me. It feels to me that nothing much is happening, but after a while the intensity builds and before I notice I am bucking and ready to squirt. Then at the last possible second she stops stimulating me. You know the rest. So, no, any contact with her never, ever gets routine to me.

I think that these three questions would be among the first that anyone thinking of enforced chastity would ask. But no one does. I’m pretty sure that the reason they don’t get asked is that people new to enforced chastity are too excited by the inherent realization of a fantasy that it wouldn’t occur to them to consider these very obvious questions. The fantasies are just too hot. So, I asked them for you. Whether you are new to enforced chastity or have been locked up for years, I think it never hurts to answer these questions once in a while as part of a reality check. You know my answers. That’s why I’m not asking Mrs. Lion to unlock me (if I did, she wouldn’t anyway).

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  1. Author

    I think a key component with chastity in a relationship is proportional interest and value. When Cheyenne and I tried chastity a while back she was less confident and I was desperately hoping to feel her investment which was premature at the time. The result was our foray into chastity ended with a whimper. That’s not to say there were definitely some extremely hot moments and we were both able to identify areas of personal value despite our naïveté.

    Mrs. Lion seems particularly in tuned with and happy to game your male wiring. You both are extremely lucky to have found balance in the dynamic!

    I very much enjoy reading your blog, thanks for putting it out there!


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