When I came out of the shower last night, I brought the roll-on Icy Hot with me. I got the punishment stool from the spare bedroom. Lion sighed. He wasn’t looking forward to either of these torture devices.

I unlocked him and put Icy Hot on the bottom of his balls. I didn’t exactly know where they’d hit the stool. It turns out, they didn’t hit at all. No matter. Lion was uncomfortable enough just sitting there with the coarse fibers digging into his buns. He could feel the Icy Hot but it wasn’t the worst of it.

Usually I set a timer to keep track of how long he sits in the corner on the stool. I mute the TV so he can’t attempt to keep track of time based on how many commercials there are, etc. Last night I decided to time it by how long it took me to read his post for this morning. He told me it was a very long post and I thought that made perfect sense for a timer. However, the post seemed to go on and on. Not that it’s a bad post. It was just taking me time to read and proofread as I went.

It may not have been any more than five minutes. I really lost track of time. That’s why I normally do the timer. I’m sure it felt like an eternity to Lion. He was wincing and making pain noises. When I let him up it took about a half minute for him to extricate the little fibers from his butt so he could stand up. And then the Icy Hot kicked in more.

His theory is that the pain from the welcome mat overshadowed the Icy Hot. That’s interesting. I know he’s told me before that if I’m causing him pain in one area he won’t feel pain in a different area. But I thought the welcome mat would enhance the Icy Hot pain. And vice versa. But I don’t think his balls really made contact with the mat.

Afterwards, Lion said he thought maybe I’d reapply Icy Hot once he was off the stool. Nope. That wasn’t on my mind. His balls were still burning. That was good enough for me.


  1. I too can speak of the effectiveness of icy hot. I find myself aching to move when it is applied. The only good thing is that after 10 minutes or so it starts to have less effect and after about 20 minutes it is virtually painless. But those first few minutes….yowza!!

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