One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Yesterday we did some work on the RV. We replaced a part and winterized it. We still have some cleaning to do, but we got the hardest chores done. Everything else is quick and easy.

While Lion was making dinner, I admired his butt. I love touching him. Then I reminded him that he used to get swatted standing up in the kitchen. He’d made a comment in a post the other day that he’s never been swatted standing up in the camper. So he reminded me that it’s been a while since he was punished in the kitchen. My first thought was, “What do I have to do to make this guy happy?” I know that’s not what he meant, but that’s what I thought.

Since this came on the heals of my broken promise of the other night, I guess I am super sensitive right now. Last night I didn’t promise we’d play, but when he asked at 10:19 if we were going to, I felt we should. I didn’t want to disappoint him. However, if I acquiesce then I am allowing him to top from the bottom.

What I need to do is suck it up, like I tell him to do. It will take a little time. I’ve been doing better, but sometimes it seems like it’s one step forward and two steps back. It’s a good thing I know I’m a work in progress otherwise I could get permanently stuck going backwards.

I’m not saying Lion should stop making comments. If he goes too far I do have the mechanisms to reel him in. He could find out how quickly he goes from no kitchen spanking to too much kitchen spanking. But I have to be the one to make that decision.