How The Lions Learn

kitchen spanking paddle
This is our “kitchen spanking paddle”. It hangs from the refrigerator. It’s been there as long as we’ve lived here. It’s been many years since Mrs. Lion has used it. That is very likely to change now.

First the news. Last night Mrs. Lion finally gave me an orgasm after 11 long days waiting. She teased me for a long time. I showed a great deal of interest in more. She has great hands. She told me that it wasn’t my scheduled night. Being a good team player, I said, “I don’t care.” She asked if I really wanted to come. I rolled my eyes and said, “Yup! To my great surprise she moved between my legs and gave me incredible oral sex. It felt wonderful. And for the record, now that it is over, I still feel wonderful. I don’t feel any post-orgasmic letdown; just a nice sleepy feeling like I am a happy lion puddle. Now back to our regularly scheduled post.

Our progress in enforced chastity and domestic discipline happens in spurts. We (usually me) come up with something new. It could be longer waits, maintenance spankings, more teasing, or tougher rules. We then try it and write about it. After a few tries, if Mrs. Lion decides to continue, we formalize it. For example, I suggested FLM* and domestic discipline.  Mrs. Lion agreed to give it a try. An important component of both is discipline and punishment. These are two activities that Mrs. Lion doesn’t like to do. So, in typical lion fashion, we established a set of explicit rules and set punishment days on Mondays and Thursdays. I was charged with keeping a list of my offenses (you can see it on the right column of this page if you scroll down). Mrs. Lion decided that spanking is her preferred punishment. She worked hard to make punishment spankings painful. I had a lot of trouble holding still.

If you have been following our progress, you know that I have managed to be a good lion and avoid being punished. That left us with imperfect spanking skills for Mrs. Lion and poor spankee behavior for me. Essentially, Mrs. Lion needs to be desensitized to hurting me and I need to learn to hold still no matter how much it hurts. In keeping with our past methodology, we have just instituted twice-weekly maintenance spankings on Tuesday and Friday nights. These spankings are the same as punishment spankings. Their purpose, however, is to allow us to learn effective discipline. It’s not easy to do, but if we don’t do it, we both feel that our attempts at discipline will not be effective and we may just let it die out.

We have had success with enforced chastity because we made a commitment to pursue it and scheduled activities. Now, we are in a new, experimental phase. Mrs. Lion is not telling me when I will finally get an orgasm. She has also increased tease and denial to an every-night activity. I’m experiencing heightened arousal. I try to get hard many times a day when my mind drifts to my dear lioness.  As she pointed out to me, what man wouldn’t want daily sexual activity? Well duh. I think that my daily sexual activity has a more positive effect than getting a guy off every day. I do hope this experiment becomes our habit.

Yesterday, during the day, in one of our email exchanges, I mentioned that more frequent punishment spankings for practice would make it easier for her to just spank me on the spot when needed. She disagreed and reminded me that we have a paddle in the kitchen. We do. It hangs from the refrigerator (see image) and is easily accessible. Years ago when we first started playing with rules, Mrs. Lion would use it when I dropped ice or food. She would just tell me to bend over and give me a couple of swats.  This little paddle really hurts. She stopped using it years ago. Now that domestic discipline is in force, when I break one of my “kitchen” rules, we have added it to my list of infractions and I am spanked during one of our scheduled sessions. Maybe Mrs. Lion will return to using her kitchen paddle to put the punishment closer to the infraction. Either way, I get punished. She has expressed an interest in punishing closer to my wrongdoing. Maybe we can use the kitchen paddle to help make that a habit. Will I get both bedroom and kitchen maintenance spankings? If she starts using that dusty paddle again, I am very sure it won’t be just two or three swats.

Our pattern is to try things and then learn after we have done them for a while whether or not they  work for us. One thing we’ve learned is that if we don’t commit to something and make sure we go at it full force, we will drop it long before we can discover its benefits. So, for a while we will have to practice domestic discipline. We both have to learn on a visceral level our places in this power exchange.

* FLM Female Led Marriage.