My Limit

That’s it! We’re done! No more bad news. No more trouble. I hereby declare a moratorium on problems. Between finances, interviews, waiting for news about jobs, my mother being sick, issues at work, and a delayed paycheck I am fed up. I’ve had it! It has to get better.

Last night Lion was not up to playing. I didn’t think he would be. There was yet another delay in his hearing about one of the jobs. He was worried about an interview today. Everything added up to a non-horny Lion. Completely understandable, but I unlocked him and massaged his naughty bits for a while anyway. I figured nothing bad ever came from a nice cock and ball massage. And I love touching him. He then started talking about his post about some women not liking penises. I told him he was very lucky I like his. He agreed.

I guess it’s like anything else. Some people don’t like raisins (Lion) and some people don’t like sushi (me). So I can see some women not liking penises. I’m glad I’m not one of them. Lion is too. I can’t imagine not wanting to touch it. I don’t mind touching any part of Lion. I guess I can even understand women who won’t do oral, or even those who do oral but won’t swallow. It’s just not their cup of tea. Personally, I think if I’m going to do all that work I better get some reward out of it. Lion cum is a nice treat for me. He doesn’t like eating it. That just means there’s more for me.

Last night Lion also mentioned that I could leave him wild so that I would always have easy access to him. I told him that was a very thoughtful suggestion. And then I handed him his cock ring to put back on. As I said yesterday, I may come up with some Lion wild time in the future, but last night was not it. He’ll be unlocked tonight for our trip and then caged again on Tuesday when we get home. It’s our last trip and his last scheduled wild time. I confess to being confused though. Sometimes he likes to be wild and sometimes he doesn’t. I’ll have to work on deciphering the difference.

I’m determined to have a good weekend. We’re leaving the troubles behind. We’ll have some fun. We’ll snuggle together in the chilly nights. And we’ll come home to good news. And I don’t want to hear anyone say otherwise.