Happily Ever After

Yesterday I learned that I have a job. This is a major event for us. We are very close to homeless at this point. It’s a very good job; no benefits, but the pay that I wanted. I like the company a lot and the work should be very rewarding. This couldn’t come at a better time. We are on our way for a Labor Day weekend trip with our RV (trailer). We don’t have any extra money to spend on the trip, but we do have enough to go out to dinner and celebrate. Mrs. Lion will let me be wild (no cage) for our entire trip. My next orgasm is scheduled for Labor Day. I don’t think she planned that, but the coincidence is amusing. Who knows, I may get a bonus orgasm for finally getting a job. The scheduled one is only two days off so I will be happy if she decides not to give me one.  The fact is that sex has been the last thing on my mind. I have been worrying while waiting to learn if I would be hired. The fact that the drought is over hasn’t really sunk in. I’m still worrying about how we will bridge the time it will take to earn enough money to start paying our delinquent bills.

The fact that all this time we have continued our enforced chastity / FLM shows how deeply it is embedded in our lives. It never occurred to either of us that we should stop or put things on pause until we found a way to survive. As Mrs. Lion has said, “It doesn’t cost anything to play or do enforced chastity.” No it doesn’t. Sex and withholding sex are free. Lucky me. In a way I’m glad we had to go through this rough patch. We were both horribly stressed. We never snapped at each other or placed any blame. I think that is one way to know that you have your soulmate. It may sound corny, but if in bad times the relationship isn’t stressed, it means that we are indeed meant for each other.

I routinely get email and comments telling me that I am very lucky to have Mrs. Lion. I absolutely agree. She is absolutely wonderful. I love being with her and miss her terribly when we are apart. Even before enforced chastity, in those times when sex all but disappeared, we are as close as we are now. It never occurred to me to look for sex outside our marriage. When you have everything else you ever wanted, giving up sex seemed a small price. Yes, I masturbated. Yes, I longed for the days when we had sexual fun. But no, it wasn’t worth it to try to find sex elsewhere.

Since we began enforced chastity, I have been having more sexual fun than I had in the previous years. That’s an odd thing for a guy wearing a chastity device to say. But the fact is that even though I get less orgasms, I get more touching, teasing. spanking, and anal play than ever before. Orgasms less often is a small price to pay for so much sexual attention. Sound familiar? It isn’t the same as no sex but a great marriage. I like the anticipation and the edging. I love surrendering sexual control.

More than that, more than all of that, I love that Mrs. Lion is starting to let me know what she wants. She is letting me know when I do something she doesn’t like. I love that she uses her power to punish me when I need it and to let me know when I can do things better. That’s new for her. She has been silently accepting all of her life. I get amazing joy when I see her blossoming this way. That’s why I will never be sorry for wanting her to take control. I want to be the best lion I can be for her. I want to make every day as happy for her as she makes every day happy for me.

Now that the financial suffering is nearing its end, I am truly a very happy and grateful man. And they lived happily ever after.


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    Great to hear Lion…
    You are indeed a fortunate couple.
    Congrats on that AND the new werky terkey
    thingie dingie!!?

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    Congratulations on the new job–that’s great news!! The two of you have a wonderful relationship that’s an inspiration to all of us.

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    That’s awesome! Congrats!

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    Congrats with the job!

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    So happy to hear about the job and that there is an end in sight. Well do I know the stress financial hardship can cause.

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    Hurrah! I’m very happy for you both! As you’ve noted in a later post, it’s a testament to your relationship that you both remained supportive throughout this hard time.

    I also envy the time you’ve spent in your camper. We have a motor home that sits unused most of the year, except when our friend borrows it to go to Burning Man. It would be nice to have some escapes like you folks do. I used to have a camper, before I bought the RV, and I’ll always remember the escape we took to Oregon one year in it.

    We’re pretty seriously into chastity play (I’m locked about half the time, for periods up to six week [so far]), but we started out as a classic MaleDom couple (we’re both reasonably experienced kinksters), and my wife really missed that sometimes. That said, she’s become pretty comfortable with keeping me locked…

    Thanks for keeping up your blog – it’s my regular check-in every day!

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