pizza peel
This is the peel Mrs. Lion got me as my anniversary present. I was lusting for one since it makes putting pizza in the oven much easier. It also looks like a big-butt paddle.

Today is our tenth anniversary. Sunday (I think) is the 13th anniversary of our meeting. It doesn’t feel like we have been together that long. I am amazingly fortunate to be with Mrs. Lion. In every respect she is my perfect soulmate. This year money is too tight to buy gifts or do anything extravagant. I did sell something on ebay and we will use that money to go to a restaurant we like to celebrate tonight. I was very surprised when the UPS man brought a metal peel. Mrs. Lion knows I have been wanting one for a very long time. It’s used to put pizza into the oven. I have a wooden one which is perfect for removing pizza, but is too “grabby” to work well sliding out from under raw crust after putting it in the oven.

In all of those years we have never had a serious fight. I have never had the slightest desire to be anywhere but with my lioness. I am the world’s most difficult critter to shop for. She has never failed to delight me with her gifts, big and small. Before meeting me she had only had sex with one other man. I had the honor of introducing her to kink. Despite the initial shock when I asked her to spank me, she has embraced our adventurous lifestyle and has become an extremely competent keyholder and disciplinary wife. I am a very lucky guy.

Coincidentally, today is also my scheduled orgasm day. I’ve been on my best behavior and I think sometime this evening I will finally get to come. I thought that by this point (18 days), I would have lost a lot of interest in an orgasm. I also figured that edging me would be more difficult. Wrong on both counts! Mrs. Lion has no trouble getting me hard and edging me. She has edged me more than five times every night. By the fifth or sixth time, barely touching me will get me ready to come. She’s gotten really good at edging. She always manages to stop with me hoping for that little bit more that will get me off.

Tomorrow’s first post, the one I usually write, is our one-thousandth. It marks a milestone. By my calculation, that is well over 700,000 words written. The post tomorrow morning is a joint effort of Steeled Snake and his keyholder, Steeled Snake Charmer, Mrs. Lion, and me. The four of us practice enforced chastity in somewhat different ways and have been doing it for about the same amount of time. Mrs. Lion and I would like to thank the Snakes (?) for their generous contribution. Their blog is one of my favorites. I hope you get a chance to read this post. It wasn’t planned that our thousandth post falls within a day of our tenth anniversary. I hope the coincidence is a good omen. We need some financial good luck now. The stress hasn’t hurt our relationship at all. We agree that as long as we have one another, we are very rich lions.


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