Lion’s Orgasm

While I was edging Lion last night, I found myself thinking about his orgasm on Saturday. Sometimes I give him the option of choosing how he wants to come. At this point I don’t think he cares how, he just wants to come. I had him so frustrated last night I thought he might spontaneously orgasm. I’m so mean sometimes. Teasing a poor defenseless Lion.

There are pros and cons of each orgasm method. I don’t know which is Lion’s favorite. He probably has pros and cons for each too. Ultimately, he loves to come so it’s a win-win situation. I’m not sure I have a favorite. Each one is fun for a different reason.

During a hand job, I can watch Lion’s face for clues he’s about to come. It’s easier to edge him by hand for that reason. I can decide once he comes whether I want to eat it or have him eat it. The only time it goes to waste is when I use lube. I love to suck Lion. Giving him an orgasm this way, I definitely get to eat it. To me, it’s more intimate than a hand job. But I can’t see his face so I have to take my clues from his breathing and any noise he might make. Finally, there’s riding him. Since I do reverse cowgirl, I can’t see his face. Since he comes inside me, I can’t eat it. Boo hiss. But I love feeling him inside me even if I’m not going for an orgasm of my own.

I’m sure you can see my quandary. I’ll figure it out by game time. I can ponder it again tonight when I edge him. I don’t think he wants to know. He’ll just be ready for it. I do know I’ll edge him before he gets his orgasm so by the time it comes he definitely won’t care. Just do it already!

Last night I told him what a good boy he’s been. He made it to another punishment night with no infractions. He hasn’t been grumbling about being horny. I get the Lion weather report and a few reminders that he’s horny, but that’s it. Pretty good considering he’s been waiting so long. I guess you can teach an old Lion new tricks.


  1. Author

    I was wondering, is reverse cowgirl the only position Lion is allowed to orgasm in? Is it just the position that works best for you, as a couple?


    1. Author

      I’ve always like cowgirl the best. It’s the easiest position for me to have an orgasm. Over the years we gained weight and got older. Lion has difficulty being on top now and cowgirl with chubby tummies doesn’t work so well. I’ve also lost my libido so cowgirl isn’t necessary. Reverse cowgirl seems to work best for us.

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