Timing is Everything

The Lion weather report was very horny yesterday. Tuesday night was a less than successful edging session, so I knew I needed to make some changes for Wednesday. First of all, I waited too long to start the festivities on Tuesday. Lion was suffering with his allergies. It’s hard to get turned on when you are scratching. Then I forgot about maintenance spanking night (Lion had reminded me as required) until late so I administered the swats just before I started playing with him. His butt was on fire, he was itchy, and it was late. It was the trifecta of mood killers. Last night had to be different.

For starters, it wasn’t punishment night or maintenance spanking night, so there was no sore butt to contend with. While he was itchy, it wasn’t as bad as the night before. And I unlocked him before 9:30. So far, so good. Once wild, Mr. Weenie was very receptive to play. I edged Lion somewhere around seven times. I got him oh-so-close a few times. I thought maybe I went too far twice. Close, but no cigar. Poor Lion wanted to come so badly.

A reader asked if I edge Lion every night during his wait. I have been lately. Once Lion said it keeps his interest up, I’ve tried to play every night. We have missed a few nights when he’s not so horny or if we’re busy and the night gets away from us. I was thinking about it yesterday and decided that I will continue nightly edging for longer waits. If his wait is less than five days I may skip a day. He won’t lose interest on a shorter wait. For the longer waits I want to keep his longing front and center. I want to remind him how good it feels to come, if only I would just keep going. If he doesn’t happen to be so horny on any given night, I need to fix that. By the end of the night he should be very frustrated. Just one more stroke would cure him. Yes, the nightly edgings are useful for the longer waits.

This morning, Lion asked me if I’m considering adding days to his wait as punishment. I haven’t been considering it. I don’t like waiting any more than he does. Why would I make myself wait longer? The one time I added a day to his wait, it was more of a knee jerk reaction to whatever he had just done. I’d have to be pretty annoyed to add a day. I would probably only do it out of frustration. That may change, of course, but for now I don’t see myself doing it. I think spanking is effective. When I tell him to add something to the list he has to think about it. Any time I ask him what’s on the list, he has to tell me. When I am ready to punish him I ask him why I’m giving him swats. When I’m done and he feels the sting, he thinks about what he did to deserve the swats. These are reminders of his transgressions. I’m sure I could use the same method to remind him of why he isn’t having an orgasm on a given day, but we’ll stick with spanking for now.