The Official Male Chastity Handbook

Tomorrow is our tenth anniversary and my orgasm day. Mrs. Lion thoughtfully scheduled it for the occasion. This has been one of my longest wait. It will be 18 days before I finally get to come. I know that isn’t very long by some people’s standard, but it is very long for us. Mrs. Lion reckons my average wait is about ten days. That comes out to 36 orgasms a year, or three each month. That’s about one-third of the average for uncaged males. This is a significant reduction. The reason I mention that is there are scorekeepers out there that believe you aren’t practicing “real” enforced chastity unless you have less than one a month. Apparently the Official Male Chastity Handbook specifies that. Sadly, I can’t find a copy on Amazon or my local book stores. But, based on my email and comments I’m starting to get an idea of the contents of this book.

There seems to be a list of requirements in order to be considered chaste:

You must:

  • Wear an inescapable chastity device. It doesn’t matter if it is uncomfortable. You should keep searching for tighter more restrictive devices until you can’t pull out.
  • Wait a minimum of three months between orgasms. It is better if you wait six months or more. Pretenders and wimps come more than four times a year.
  • Take over all housework. An officially chaste male does all cooking, cleaning and laundry.
  • Wear frilly panties at all times.
  • Provide your keyholder with endless orgasms day and night.
  • Have completely hairless genitals.
  • Be naked at home (except for your frilly panties, of course).
  • Not ejaculate when having penetrative sex with your keyholder.
  • Never have a complete orgasm. Ejaculation is always via milking or ruined orgasm.

If you want to be a gold star chaste male,

You Should:

  • Encourage your wife/partner to have sex with other males, hopefully while you sit and watch.
  • Tell all her (and your) friends  of your status.

Believe it or not, a large number of males believe these rules. I didn’t make them up. I’ve read then over and over on the Internet. There are many more but you get the idea. The simple fact is that guys interesting enforced chastity are hungry for “rules” that help then fuel their sexual fantasies. I regularly get (and don’t post) comments telling me I am doing the wrong thing. One guy said that I should wear my device in the RV. If I have trouble peeing sitting down, I should squat over the bowl. Really?

The fact is that any of the rules I listed could be part of your chastity experience, but they don’t have to be. Mrs. Lion and I do some of those things, but not most of them. For examples, I’m naked at home (no panties!), do the laundry and most of the cooking. But I don’t cook or do the laundry as part of enforced chastity; I do them because I am out of work and have the time. My genitals are hairless, but not because of chastity. I’ve been that way for 25 years, and I’m naked at home because it has been Mrs. Lion’s rule for years. The only rule that I can identify as required for enforced chastity is that the male surrenders all orgasm control to his keyholder. That’s it. A chastity device isn’t even needed. Just the loss of sexual control. You don’t need a handbook for that.

Did I miss any rules? Let me know.