The Cage

Lion asked me if I like his cage. When I said it serves a purpose, he said I was being evasive. I wasn’t trying to be. The truth is, I don’t think about the cage that much. He says I see it all the time since he’s naked around the house. I don’t normally notice it. Unless I go to touch his balls (my balls) I don’t pay any attention to it. The same is true of his wedding ring. I’ve never thought of either of them as a fashion accessory. The cage is steel and our wedding bands are plain gold. Neither of us is into jewelry. Neither of us normally wears any jewelry but our wedding bands. It’s what they symbolize that’s important.

Last night Lion noticed that his skin was breaking out near his wedding ring. I asked if he needed to take it off to clear up the area. He said he didn’t want to. He wanted to keep the ring on, especially if he was going to be wild over the weekend. I’d rather have him comfortable. If the ring is aggravating the sore spot, it should be removed. We’ve done that when his skin was irritated near the cage. To me, it’s the same idea. He said he didn’t like the idea of being a wild, “unmarried” Lion. While I can see his point, I also know that we were married long before the state recognized it. Neither one of us was looking for outside action. Neither one of us needed the church, the state, or any other entity to tell us we were together for life.

Lion says he likes being wild but he does miss the cage when it’s not there. I don’t see any problem with him being wild for the weekend or even if he has to travel for work. The real cage is in his heart. In mine too.

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