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Yesterday, Mrs. Lion in her post, made a very interesting observation: she said that it felt more powerful to her if I put on and took off the chastity device base ring. I always thought that if she put it on and took it off, it would underline her ownership of the device and the penis it encases. But she’s right. Making me do it underlines her control of me, not just the device. I think I need things explained to me. When I come to my own conclusion, it’s often wrong. Now that I understand, I will look at putting on and taking off the base ring differently.

I have to admit that I miss being wild. After she locked me up again Monday night, I felt a little pang when I remembered that now I have to pee sitting down. I also gave a small thought to those spontaneous erections I enjoy now and then. Oddly, all day yesterday, I was substantially hornier than usual. Maybe being wild isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Truth be told, most of the time I don’t even feel the device. But whether or not I feel it, I am always very aware of my captive status.

We are both still learning a lot about ourselves and each other. When I look back at what I wrote 18 months ago, I see a lot of changes in how I approach sex and enforced chastity. For one thing, I’m not nearly as consumed by how long I wait and how Mrs. Lion can use my waits for discipline. I come when she wants me to have an orgasm. She lets me ask and sometimes grants my wish even if I had come only a day or two before. My orgasms are all gifts from my lioness.  That may sound corny, but it’s really how I feel.

Some guys like the feeling of suppressing their sexual needs in favor of their keyholders. Most transfer their own sexual needs to satisfying their partners’. In our case, Mrs. Lion has few sexual needs. I love giving her orgasms. OK, I love getting them too. I love sex. So, you may ask, why is a horny lion happy to have his penis in a cage? You probably know the answer. Ironically, it’s because I’ve had more sexual activity since my lockup than I did in the decade before. I’m not saying I’ve had more orgasms. I haven’t. But the vast majority of the prior decade’s orgasms were given by my left hand. Those orgasms were mostly to relieve sexual pressure. I can’t say I truly enjoyed them.

Now, most of the time, Mrs. Lion brings me to the edge without ejaculation. That is way more fun than masturbating, and a bit less than getting a full orgasm. Most important is the attention. I crave that. Since my lockup (18 months ago), I haven’t masturbated. Mrs. Lion informs me that I won’t be masturbating again. Her hand and occasionally her mouth provide the sexual stimulation. My hand is not welcome.

I’ve learned to be sexually dependent. I am, by nature, a very independent sort of lion. I’ve always hated dependencies of all kinds. I can’t claim that I am any more fond of them than I was before we started. I have just learned to accept my sexual dependency. I’ve learned to trust that Mrs. Lion will see to my sexual welfare. I get the orgasms I need to have. I get the teasing required to keep me wanting sex whether I will get it or not. That is the essence of enforced chastity. But it isn’t the point. I learned that when our situation cost me my sex drive. I remained locked up. I learned that I don’t have to be horny to be locked. My normal condition is to be safely locked in a chastity device.  Whether or not I want sex is completely beside the point.


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    What an exciting thought. Never thought I would surrender!

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