No word yesterday on the result of Wednesday’s marathon of interviews. I spend way too much time worrying that the fact they didn’t call me instantly means I didn’t get the job. To give you a gauge of my new-found paranoia, on the drive back from the live interviews (several were phone and Skype), I worried that I would find an email informing me that the remaining interviews wouldn’t be necessary since I am clearly unqualified for the job. To my relief that didn’t happen. But it gives you an idea how desperate I have become. Meanwhile, other opportunities are offered to me and should this one not pan out, the world won’t end for us. The end is close, but not balanced on this one job.

There is nothing new on the sexual front. I’m not horny yet. But I am pretty sure that biology will fix that today or tomorrow. Yesterday we drove four-hundred miles to meet some friends on the coast. We were both exhausted after sharing the drive. Even if things were perfect on the job front, we were too tired to put much energy into sexual activity. I did remember to remind Mrs. Lion that it was punishment night. My punishment dance card is empty so my only risk was forgetting to remind her. I escaped spanking-free.

We are both committed to maintaining our lifestyle despite external pressures. We’ve been very good so far but the strain shows. I’ve been wild (unlocked) for over a week now. The earliest I can return to my cage is Monday. That doesn’t change the fact that Mrs. Lion is in charge and she retains full sexual control; cage or no cage. Enforced chastity is a habit with us both. FLM is starting to take root as well. Mrs. Lion struggles with day-to-day decision making but slowly and surely she is taking the reins.

I’ve received some email and comments here asking how someone who doesn’t have a keyholder can practice enforced chastity. I fully understand the drive to try this kink even if it means alone. Some of these people are loyal readers of this blog. I know they understand that one can’t really surrender control to oneself. But they want to feel that loss of sexual control, being forced to grow intolerably horny. I know that some guys work out games that decide if they get unlocked. I don’t have any good ideas, but their plight highlights one of the widest gaps between fantasy and reality: in a true keyholder/caged male relationship, the male strives to surrender. He doesn’t want to escape or cheat. He wants nothing more than to leave his sexuality completely in his keyholder’s hands no matter how difficult.

Our blog is just the wrong forum for solo players. Our goals are exactly opposite. I’ve been unlocked for quite a few days. Nothing has changed. I like being caged, but it isn’t necessary for Mrs. Lion to control my sexuality. It adds spice to the game, but isn’t necessary for my orgasm control. I can’t think of one guy I know who is in an enforced chastity relationship who would even consider escaping his cage. None of us masturbate or get off in any other way without our keyholder’s permission,  even if unlocked. That’s the singular difference between solo enforced chastity and the kind we practice.

Today is another day. I hope I get some good news about that job. If we ever needed good news, this is the time. Thanks for your kind comments and good wishes. They really help.

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    I enjoy your comments on enforced chastity. As a solo practitioner of chastity I realize it is nothing compared to a KH dominated one. I enjoy your blog though. I like your insight enforced chastity

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