Wednesday night we really needed sleep. We had a long drive ahead of us yesterday and it was important that we not be tired. Of course, as usually happens when I need to sleep, I couldn’t. Neither of us could. Fortunately we made our seven hour drive safely. By last night I figured we had no choice but to sleep. We were unwilling to take a chance and both took sleeping pills. This morning we are feeling better.

Naturally, there was no chance of playing last night. Lion wasn’t horny and I might have fallen asleep on him anyway. We’ve been fairly non-sexual lately. I did grab Mr. Weenie yesterday briefly, just to say hello. It’s difficult to think about sex when you’re exhausted. And, of course, Lion has been preoccupied by his job hunt. We still have our fingers crossed for that particular job, but there is interest from other jobs as well. It’s always nice to be wanted.

I’m fairly confident that Lion will be horny at some point this weekend. It’s hard to keep a good Lion down. By tonight he should at least be looking for some cuddling. I can definitely help with that. I love being close to him whether he’s horny or not.

Even though we were tired, Lion was a good boy. He reminded me that it was punishment night well before the 8:30 deadline. He graciously donated a piece of Velcro to me so I could affix something to the camper. I know how much he loves the tiny, little teeth of the Velcro so that was a big loss for him. (I can hear him saying, “I hate that damn Velcro!”) I knew as soon as I told him I was using it he would ask me if I needed more. I’m surprised he wasn’t volunteering more uses for it just so I wouldn’t use it on him.

This morning he reminded me about maintenance spanking day. He’s been on his best behavior and I’ve been more conscious of telling him he’s a good boy. I know he likes that. It’s still difficult for me to, in my eyes, treat him like a dog. Sure I can thank him. That’s natural. Going that extra step to say, “good boy,” is strange. But I’m getting there. I’ll do anything for Lion.