cowgirl position
Lion loves when I ride him. This is the cowgirl position. It’s my favorite too.

When I was teasing Lion the other night, Angel Mrs. Lion made a brilliant discovery. July 4th starts at 12 am. As in one minute past 11:59 pm on July 3rd. Hmmm… if I can keep Lion awake till after midnight then he could technically have his orgasm almost a day earlier than he would normally get it. I know he wouldn’t be expecting it. And it’s not really cheating because it would be the 4th even if it was only by a few minutes. It’s very likely both of us will be asleep long before midnight, but it’s a nice thought.

We’re both looking forward to Lion’s orgasm. The other night when I asked him if he’d rather have a hand job, blow job or Lion riding for his release I was surprised when he didn’t answer right away. I thought for sure he’d pick Lion riding. He loves that. Instead he reminded me that I could go Lion riding any time I want. I know that. As much as I’m looking forward to Lion’s orgasm, I don’t care about my own. It’s been a while since he’s initiated. Not that I mind. I’ve been too caught up in his orgasms or lack thereof.

Besides, like him, it’s not the act itself that is the most satisfying. But while he needs/wants spanking or pegging, etc. as a lead in, I prefer good, old-fashioned caressing and making out as my foreplay. So far Lion’s initiating has not included that part. He keeps worrying that he doesn’t turn me on anymore. That’s partly true, but only in the sense of the connotation of the word. He can turn me on, as in he has the ability to. But he doesn’t turn me on, as in he does not do the things that really turn me on. Does that make sense?

If I just grabbed onto his cock and start pumping, eventually he will get hard and have an orgasm. Eventually. If I spank him and tell him how rosy his cheeks are, then tell him to roll over and play with his balls while rubbing his cock, he will get harder much quicker and be ready to come in no time. Whether I let him come or not is another matter. Similarly, if he just jams a finger into me and starts rubbing, eventually I will have an orgasm. However, if he kisses the back of my neck or runs his fingers just above the crack of my butt and caresses me I will absolutely need his cock or fingers inside me very quickly. I think of it as mechanics versus desire. The first example for both of us shows that mechanically, we will reach orgasm. The second example shows that we want to orgasm more than anything.

Anyway, I look at Lion riding as a way to make him come, more than a way to make me come. So part of me is leaning toward that for his release. But another part of me wants my favorite snack from my favorite toy. A hand job just doesn’t seem to be a big enough reward for making it twelve days.


  1. Author

    Even as a KH, you are a truly loving and caring woman. You put Lion first in everything, including chastity and his kinks. I hope he knows how blessed he is.
    My wife of almost 8 years and KH for 6 months is also loving and giving. She hasn’t changed that outside the bedroom. In the sheets however, she has truly let herself be selfish and indulges in her orgasms and the lack of mine. I’m glad we started because she and I are much happier. She asked me what I needed last night. After some pillow talk, she pointed out the truth. I need her and she needs me, but I don’t need to orgasm and I’m a better man without.
    Good luck to you and Lion!

    1. Author

      I’m glad your life has improved. We too have pillow talk and (thankfully) we agree that we both need orgasms.

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