I’m Not Broken

Yesterday, after we spent a few hours wandering around the fake Bavarian village (I know it sounds tacky,, but actually it is genuinely quaint). we returned to our RV for a bit of rest before dinner. I got naked and lay down on the bed and started watching a DVD of some old “Magnum PI” shows. Mrs. Lion joined me. She started to do some nice petting. I didn’t immediately get hard. With some determination, she got a good rise out of me.

It felt amazing. Before long I was bucking and ready to come. She stopped just a second too late and I had a ruined orgasm. She said that wasn’t her intention. She only wanted to edge me. But, alas, I was too quick for her. That ended the festivities. She did mention that she plans to give me an orgasm today. I will love that if she remains in that generous frame of mind.

One thing that bothers me: I don’t seem able to recover after a ruined orgasm for more stimulation. Is it my age? Is it something we need to do? I don’t know. I do know that there is absolutely no reason why I need to go through a full refractory period after an essentially semen-free ruined orgasm. Mrs. Lion should be able to have me up and ready after only a minimal delay. Maybe you can give us some pointers. We both would like it if a ruined orgasm could be followed by more edging or another ruined orgasm.

Even though we’ve been doing this for over a year and a half, there is a lot about my sexuality we need to learn. Orgasm control is an art. By its very nature, it is an art practiced by my lioness. I am her sexual canvas. It feels to me like her color palette needs expanding in order to fully express her control over me. It appears that every keyholder has to learn what to do by trial and error. That’s really a shame.

About fifteen years ago at a BDSM event there was a male masturbation workshop. It was directed at the males’ partners. It was hands on, by the way. I participated. Well, my penis did. A very talented gay man demonstrated a technique and then had the partners practice it on their males. I was very aroused and can’t say I learned much. Of course, I was just there as a lab specimen. It was big fun for me. By the way, none of the males were allowed to ejaculate. The hour ended with twenty super hard and horny guys struggling into their clothes. We all left the room with noticeable bulges.

I recognize that this sort of workshop isn’t practical for orgasm control. There really isn’t any active organization of people practicing enforced chastity and orgasm control. Also, we are all very far from each other. On top of that, how many couples would be willing to attend classes like this? My guess is very few. That’s too bad.

It seems to me that the Internet is our friend in this. If some accomplished women (or men) would record a how-to video on edging, ruined orgasm, teasing, etc. we could reduce the learning curve for orgasm control. I’ve done a lot of searching; poor me searching through all that porn, to find anything of value. Sadly, nothing has come to light. And if you care,  almost everything I looked at was more turn-off than turn-on.

I keep thinking that if Mrs. Lion and I could watch other couples successfully induce multiple ruined orgasms, or demonstrate teasing techniques, our own orgasm control would benefit. YouTube and Vimeo won’t allow explicit videos, but there are enough of us with blogs to provide platforms for these educational recordings. I have one here that demonstrates a teasing session. I like the dialogue and the way the keyholder controls the situation. It’s a real life couple who decided to record this event and share it. Since it’s easy to remain anonymous and still show everything needed, there isn’t much risk to making one of these.

Maybe this is an insane idea. But I know we would benefit from this kind of education. Of course, a live workshop would be best, but that has absolutely no chance of happening, at least for now. What do you think? Any volunteers?