We’re at the edge of a river this weekend. Actually we’re at the edge of the edge. Most of the state is in a drought so the rivers are low. It’s still beautiful and Lion and I are off to visit a nearby Bavarian themed village today. Brats and beer, Mozart in the park, an oompah band. Can’t get more German than that.

In his post today, Lion says he is worried about not getting aroused as easily as he used to. He thinks I’m not taking it seriously. He likens it to his being sick and my telling him he’s not sick. On the contrary, I’m trying to be supportive. I guess it’s just another instance of male and female point of view.

I think his current troubles are due to stress. I don’t think he is broken, as he likes to refer to himself. I think once the job situation is fixed and we get current on our bills, or at least have a plan to get current, things will normalize.

Lion would like to play earlier at night. We can do that. Lion would like play to be more integrated into our life. I’m not sure how to do that but I’m willing to try anything to make him happy. A happy Lion makes for a happy Mrs. Lion.