I Was Wrong

Well, I was correct in that we are in the middle of nowhere. However, there are things to do. One of the reasons I suggested this place is a public observatory nearby. Lion loves science-y stuff. He’s always watching space shows on tv. I knew he’d love an observatory.

Understandably, he wanted to go stargazing last night. Since it gets darker later in the summer, we were out past my bedtime. At least later than I’m normally hunkered down for the evening. So no play time for Lion. We even missed maintenance spanking. He has a rain check for tonight.

Lion says he loves being wild for our trips. I told him he could be wild all the time but he suggested being locked up. He didn’t have a response to that. He just likes to pretend that he’s a poor Lion when he’s locked up. He knows how lucky he really is. We’re both lucky.

Today the plan is to explore the area. Tonight he will definitely get his maintenance swats. Later on he will get tied to the bed and played with. It’s up to him if he gets edged or not. My guess is that tying him down will be all the encouragement he needs.

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    Everybody’s got a little nerd in’em. Lion likes to learn things too? High IQ i bet money on it! You too!

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