Of Blogs, Right Columns, And Feelings

Do you ever read the right column of blogs? Mine, at least, contains extra information you may find useful. We show a list of recent posts and comments, a rundown of some blogs we find interesting, as well as my chastity and orgasm status. I habitually read the right columns of other blogs. Sometimes there is gold buried there. I like to see what other bloggers  list as blogs they like to read. I constantly change our list to reflect my current taste. Of course there are so many other great blogs out there. I read many of them too. Our right column list reflects my most consistent reading. I often check our blog to see if there are any new posts in one of the listed blogs.

It’s very satisfying to find kindred spirits out there. In some cases I’ve developed friendships which I treasure. As I’m sure you know, there is a lot more to life than enforced chastity and FLM. I am very grateful for the support we get for those other areas too. It means a lot to me.

One of the reasons we choose to write every day is our commitment to consistently report our kink as well as live it. We both read each other’s posts. For me that means I frequently get coming attractions of what is going to happen to me next. It gives me something to look forward to, or sometimes, to dread.  We also give and get daily feedback on our feelings and reactions to recent activities. It’s also valuable that we can refer back to prior posts to verify our memories and to track our progress. For me, at least, these posts have kept me honest and committed to male chastity and FLM.

It’s entirely too easy to withdraw when times get tough or when expectations haven’t been met. Daily posts make it very difficult to hide. If I try to gloss over something in my morning post, Mrs. Lion will call me on it (in the nicest possible way) later in the day. I don’t think this would happen as reliably without our blog. But it’s more than that. You provide very welcome feedback that helps us both.

I’m writing this post from our camper on the shore of the Columbia river. It’s Saturday night. According to Mrs. Lion’s post today, after my shower I can look forward to being tied down, spanked, and teased. We may also eat some ice-cold watermelon. If we eat it at the table, I may have some trouble sitting. Lately, we haven’t been playing much. Life intrudes into our fun.

Speaking of life, I continue to make most of the decisions for us. Sometimes this bothers me since in FLM, while I may be told to make some decisions, I’m not sure I should be expected to make almost all of them. I realize that Mrs. Lion is often indifferent to which option we pursue; like where to go sightseeing. It just annoys her to have to decide just to show her power. I don’t mind deciding. But then, how does she show her power over me? I think we need some way she can clearly assert her role without upsetting herself or worrying about upsetting me. In fact, is the only way to demonstrate power to deny the submissive something he wants? Is the only understandable expression of power being able to say “no”?

Power exchanges like ours need more than an agreement to surrender and accept control. Certainly, Mrs. Lion has demonstrated her sexual control continuously. I have learned that my orgasms are completely under her control. She enforces my lockup in a chastity device and gives me almost no choice about sexual activity. I accept her control at a very deep level.

Maybe this sexual control is the only domination for us at this time. Or, like enforced chastity, perhaps we need a lot more time and some ideas to help us accelerate our FLM. We both need to get comfortable with any power exchange we continue. If Mrs. Lion feels pressured by making decisions she would rather give to me, then it won’t work for her. Similarly, if I don’t have something that will remind me that I am not in control, it won’t work for me either.

Most of the time when we hit an impasse like this, Mrs. Lion says she will do better. But “better” means she will do something that will make her uncomfortable in order to help me. I don’t want that. We need to work out something together. Since we have a pretty good track record and we are best friends, I am confident we will find a way that works for both of us. Lion taming isn’t easy and requires a firm hand and a lot of patience. Mrs. Lion has both.