Unhappy Lion

We got our trailer back with just hours to spare for our trip. Unfortunately, the satellite is still not working. Lion is not happy. He says I’ll be on my iPad playing games and there’s only so many episodes of MacGyver and Emergency one can watch. I have promised him I won’t be on my iPad constantly. He doesn’t want to do “camping” things like sitting around the fire or even sitting outside. The smoke bothers him and, more importantly, where we’re heading it will be in the 90s so a camp fire is overkill.

So what do we do if we can’t watch TV? I think this is the question of the ages for us. Our play sessions last far shorter than an hour usually. Lion doesn’t like to play games, otherwise I’d drag along Trivial Pursuit. We do have boxes of movies and TV shows other than MacGyver and Emergency. We can read. We can talk. There’s an observatory that will occupy us for one night.

Most of our adventures take place during daylight hours. I wonder what sort of night life we could find. I don’t mean dance clubs or bars. Neither of us cares about that. But there may be something going on other than at the observatory. We’ll have to investigate.

On one of the nights we’ll definitely be testing out Lion’s theory that a punishment should start out slowly. Unless he misbehaves it will just be during a maintenance spanking, but still valid. That’s not to say we won’t be playing more than one night. In addition, Lion is wild again because he’s either got allergies or a cold that is making him miserable. I’m a softy. I unlocked him and left him wild. Personally, I think it’s easier for him in the trailer.


  1. Author

    Poor Lion. Un-caged again and unhappy.

  2. Author

    Take a pack of playing cards. Small ,portable, indoors or out, night and day. You can play solo or together , conventional games or “inventive” ( forfeit (items of clothing)) / who does the washing up/ points per stroke with a cane or strap) Hours of entertainment !!!!

    1. Author

      Nice idea. We have cards. If Mrs. Lion has the energy.

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