Mrs. Lion and I have gone back and forth about rewards. She favors Good Lion Coupons. These coupons entitle me to redeem them for a specific treat. Her early efforts yielded coupons that I could trade for orgasms. I never redeemed them. I felt it violated the basic power exchange if I could come anytime I redeemed a coupon. True, I only had a few of those, but still it bothers me. After we got back from our trip, Mrs. Lion presented me with new coupons. This time there is no opportunity to redeem one for an orgasm when I choose. These coupons preserve her power.

One type is for restrained play of my choice. She knows I like to be tied down either on the bed or in the sling. This is, of course, extra work for her. So her coupon allows me to add bondage to a play session. She has to say that there will be a play session. Then I can redeem my coupon. The other coupon does relate to orgasms. I now have a coupon that I can redeem for the orgasm of my choice on my scheduled date. Since I don’t know when that is, I imagine I need to redeem it in advance and then when she decides it is time for me to come, she will do it the way I chose. I already know what I want when the time comes, but will wait before presenting the coupon.

These coupons add interest to our FLM as well as enforced chastity. Some people think that FLM means punishment for failing to obey or do what was ordered. It’s true. That is part of it. But what about rewards? Rewards are a great way to reinforce desired behaviors, but many female led marriages don’t have any real provision for them. Not getting punished is not a reward. For a reward to be useful, the person getting it needs to know what he did to earn the reward (reinforcement!) and what the reward is. In FLM where any good stuff could be considered a reward, Mrs. Lion’s coupons offer a very substantial behavioral reinforcement by providing a tangible item that both says what I did to deserve the goody and what that goody is.  I got my orgasm-of-my-choice coupon for cooking all the time. Nice! The restrained play coupons (there are two of them) were issued for two reasons: One was for going on the trip to visit her daughter. The other is for doing so much around the house.

Since all three coupons are for things I want, you can be sure I will try to earn more. Does it mean that the only way I can have restrained play is by redeeming a coupon? I don’t think so. Mrs. Lion will tie me up when she wants. But my coupon gets me tied up when I want. Big difference. I think she has hit on a great way to recognize good behavior. I’m going to work hard to earn more coupons.